AAIR Services

AAIR provides several unique services pertaining to aircraft crash sites. In addition to providing accident reports, Missing Air Crew Reports, and aircraft record cards AAIR can provide:

Archaeological Site Surveys and Identification

Whether it is the needs of a public land manager, a recovery organization needing proper recording of a site before/during/after a site recovery, or an individual interested in a particular crash, AAIR can offer from just crash site identification to complete site documentation and surveys. AAIR has been involved on several projects that have lead to the site being recommended or actually nominated under Section 106 for the National Register. National Register Bulletin: Guidelines for Evaluating and Documenting Historic Aviation Properties.

The right horizontal stabilizer (upside down) of an F-16 located on the Nellis Ranges.

Site location and visitation

AAIR has searched for and located crash sites at the request of next of kin, or even the pilots themselves, to visit the crash sites and pay respects. This has been some of the most rewarding work we have done; seeing the closure that can be brought by bringing a daughter to the site where the father she never knew lost his life when she was only a year old; or where the pilot narrowly escaped fate, by not only bailing out of a plane with a malfunctioning ejection seat, but to manage to side slip the parachute to escape landing in the burning wreckage of his plane, only to end up with the machine guns going off with bullets flying just over his head; or to bring an entire family, who until that day never know the true story behind the crash, and see a granddaughter learn as much about her grandfather as her dad is learning about his father that he lost when he was only a few years old.

Missing Aircraft Location

While not of a historical context, AAIR has taken its years of searching for historic aircraft whose locations have been long forgotten and used this expertise to search for current aircraft that are missing. AAIR has worked with several families to continue the search long after the authorities have discontinued an “active” search.


A half hour to an hour lecture for a club, school, or organization on aviation archaeology and military aircraft accidents. Fee is $150.00. (Plus travel expenses if outside of the the Phoenix area.)

Base fee is $55.00 an hour plus expenses. Call or e-mail with project details and we can discuss a cost estimate.