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General Notes

Some of the part numbers in the Prefix Database are not verified. While every effort has been made to assure accuracy, there may be errors. Nor does this represent all of the prefix numbers for each aircraft. When trying to identify a crash site always use the most common prefixes found there, never rely on just one or two parts.

  • When prefix numbers are followed by a dash (52-) the part number has a dash in it. Ex: 52-3574
  • When prefix numbers are followed by a plus (71+) the part number is continuous. Ex 719135
  • When a bold L (L) appears it represents any letter. Ex: 128+L+ would be 128J84625
  • Any other letters that appear are the actual letters in the prefix. Ex: VS would be VS10250
  • When a bold number sign (#) appears it represents any number. Ex: 7+####- would be 72563-256
  • Commas are used only to separate multiple prefixes. Ex: 208,209,244,248- represents four different prefixes. Examples of each: 208-63575, 208-15638, 244-68452, and 248-95132
  • For North American aircraft the prefix number represents the North American model number. Ex: the F-86E-5 (and F-86E-1) was NA-170 the prefix for the part numbers is 170-
  • At the crash site of an F-86E-5 I would expect to find 170- prefixes as well as prefixes for an F-86A (140, 151, 161-) as the F-86E was an improvement of the F-86A, but still retained many of the same parts. I would not expect to find later model prefix numbers such as 193- (F-86F) or 203- (F-86H).
  • As always there are exceptions to the rule. An example would be if an F-86E was upgraded with F-86F-40 wings, which was a common practice in training Sabres.
  •  Download a part prefix PDF for offline use.