Associate Members of AAIR

Arizona Aviation Archaeology - Trey Brandt has done extensive research on Arizona and has posted some of his findings on his web site.

Aviation Archaeology in Maine - When it comes to aviation archaeology Pete Noddin is one of the most knowledgeable people in the North East, particularly concerning crashes in Maine. In his web site we can finally see some crashes that the North East has to offer.

Hawaii Aviation Preservation Society - Dedicated to preserving Hawaii's aviation heritage by researching and recording the aviation history of the Hawaiian Islands. They endeavor to preserve historic aircraft and to memorialize the aviators who gave their lives in the service of their country.

Oklahoma Wreckchasing - Aviation Archaeology in the Southern Plains States by Jeff Wilkinson. Jeff is an associate member of AAIR who has been working hard on the history of historic aircraft mishaps in the Southern Plains States. - Where the phrase wreckchasing originated from. Nick Veronico's website with books, a forum, and lots of information.

Aviation Archaeology Websites - Focused on extensive information on archaeology, archaeological sites, excavations and artifacts.

Aviation Archeology in the South Pacific - The Pacific Wreck Database. Very interesting. The most recent survey of the Pacific Islands

Military aircraft crashes in Queensland During World War II - Lists 184 military aircraft crashes or mishaps in north Queensland area of Australia during World War 2.

Pacific Coast Air Museum - An air museum in Northern California that is growing fast and has an aviation archaeology display on a P-38 crash.

Thameside Aviation Museum Aviation Archaeology in Essex - A collection of aircraft history lost over the Essex countryside during WWII

TIGHAR - Regardless of whether or not they have found Amelia Earhart, TIGHAR is going about the search the proper way, using archaeological documentation techniques. (If you ask me I think they are on to something) TIGHAR has many other projects going on and is a very worthwhile organization to join. Check out their web site to learn more!

Civil Accident Reports

(No link available - reference only) If you are looking for crash reports on civil aircraft, especially airliners, this is the place to go. They have painstakingly transcribed these reports on computer and you receive clear, accurate copies that are exceptional. No website, but you can still write Aireports, 301 E. 7th. St. Ulrich, MO 64788 or call at (660) 638-4406

Professional Research Services

Professional WW2 and Korean War Casualty Search - Professional World War 2 and Korean War Casualty Search will perform a full search of military records on any U.S. armed forces veteran from the Army, Air Corps, Navy or USMC who were World War 2 or Korean War casualties including killed, Missing in Action (MIA), or Prisoner of War (POW).

Recommended Websites

AAHS, American Aviation Historical Society - The primary objective of the organization is the preservation and dissemination of the rich heritage of American aviation. The Society maintains an extensive collection of books, documents and photographs that are available to members researching any topics of interest.

Aero Part Identify Board - An International Board to identify unknown aircraft parts from crash sites. You have a part from a crash you need to identify? Try here.

Aircrew Remembered - Web page dedicated to the memory of airmen of all nations who fought and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice during WWII over the UK and Europe.

Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team Homepage - The Lancashire Aircraft Investigation Team aims to research and record the aviation heritage of the air war over the North West of England during WW2.

Letecká Badatelna - Aviation archeology website in the Czech Republic with over 400 crashes!

Luftfahrt - Archäologie in Schleswig-Holstein - A great German aviation archaeology site.

Nebraska's Fatal Air Crashes of WWII - A very detailed site documenting all of the fatal WWII accidents in Nebraska. This site serves as an excellent example of documenting, recording, and then presenting the history of an area's aviation past in relation to aircraft accidents. - Excellent reference site.

USAF SB-17G #746 - A nice site detailing a B-17 crash and crewmember survival in the Olympic Mountains of Washington state. Lots of good photos. - A great blog about looking for wrecks in Washington State.

Wings of Memory - Founded by a group of people who have organized 25 excavations since 1997 of military aircraft that crashed in Belgium during World War II and who esteemed that not enough was being done to preserve the memory of those dramatic events for future generations.

Reference Websites

Grids used on the European Theatre of Operations - WWII ETO British Grid Coordinate system explained and a conversion program to convert the coordinates given in WWII reports to latitude longitude.

Joseph Baugher's Aircraft Summaries - Very detailed history on many different types of US military aircraft.

SA-16/HU-16 Albatross web site - Lots of information on the Albatross!

USAAF/USAF Serial Numbers - Excellent list off all serial numbers and what type of aircraft they belong to. Individual history on some aircraft.

USN Bureau Numbers - Excellent list off all Bureau numbers and what type of aircraft they belong to. Individual history on some aircraft. - A website that is concerned with fuselage letter codes utilized on USAAF training aircraft of World War II.

USN Policy on crash sites

Naval History and Heritage Command - The Naval History and Heritage Command website is the source for USN policy regarding Navy crash sites.

If you know of other aviation archaeology related links or any of these links are dead please e-mail us.