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AAIR is pleased to recommend the following books, magazines and videos. We have limited copies of some of these for sale. Many may also be found on Amazon but at a higher price due to their limited production.

Fatal Army Air Force Aviation Accidents in the United States, 1941 - 1945

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  • A surperb book by Tony Mireles
  • Covers over 7100 accidents in three volumes!
  • Available from Amazon

Wreckchasing - A Guide to Finding Aircraft Crash Sites

  • A book by Nicholas A. Veronico
  • A complete guide on how to research and locate aircraft wrecks
  • Ten stories of crashed aircraft - thoroughly researched, from California to North Carolina
  • A chapter taking the reader from start to finish in finding an aircraft
  • Almost 500 aircraft crash sites listed by latitude and longitude
  • 64 Black & White illustrations
  • Published by Pacific Aero Press. 8.5"x11". Softbound. 84 pages.
  • Available from AAIR, $30 plus shipping and handling*

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Faded Contrails - Last Flights Over Arizona

  • By Trey Brandt
  • Details the actual accounts of 20 military aircraft crashes that occurred in the remote deserts and rugged highlands of Arizona from 1942-1977
  • Each story looks into the events leading up to and after the crash, and describes what is left at the site today
  • These facts are corroborated by newly-declassified, old government documents, personal visits to the crash sites, and interviews with surviving crewman and families
  • The book is a 6"x9" soft-cover format. It has 153 pages with 130 b/w photos
  • To Order, visit Trey's Web site at: www.aircraftarchaeology.com

Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of California

  • By G. Pat Macha and Don Jordan
  • The 3rd Edition is greatly expanded with 27 detailed stories by Don Jordan
  • Details on more than 1500 aircraft accidents throughout California
  • Date, aircraft type, serial number (if known), location
  • Find out what happened to occupants and why plane crashed
  • Historic and modern crashes from 1909 to 1996
  • Resource Directory to help you with your research
  • More than 350 photographs of California aircraft accidents
  • Published by Info Net Publishing. 6"x9". Softbound. 528 pages
  • Available from Amazon

Colorado's Lost Squadron

  • By Troy Turner
  • Features almost 100 WWII accidents in Colorado
  • Detailed stories on each accident
  • Photographs of the crash sites and the crew
  • Visit a crash site over 50 years later with the survivors who remember those who didn't
  • 8.5"x11". Softbound. 130 pages
  • Available from Amazon

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Final Flights

  • By Ian McLachlan
  • A chronicle of aviation archaeology
  • Final Flights gives the complete story of the excavation of the sites as well as details behind the causes of the crashes
  • Follow the author throughout the entire process of documenting a site, from the initial research to placing the artifacts in museums
  • Covers more than 10 WWII crash sites in England
  • 194 Black & White illustrations
  • Published by Haynes Publishing. 6-3/4"x 9-1/2". Hardbound. 256 pages
  • To order Final Flights, please contact: Zenith Books, (800) 826-6600

USAAF Fighter Stories

  • By Ian McLachlan
  • Memories are interwoven with fascinating examples of aviation archaeology
  • 18 true life, moving illustrated accounts, never before published, about USAAF airmen flying in England during WWII
  • Dramatic stories of spiraling dog-fights and appalling tragedies
  • Some stories are brought right up to date more than 50 years later with emotional reunions between airmen and their East Anglian hosts
  • Published by Haynes Publishing. 6-3/4"x 9-1/2". Hardbound. 192 pages
  • To order Fighter Stories, please contact: Zenith Books, (800) 826-6600

Eighth Air Force Bomber Stories

  • By Ian McLachlan
  • A gripping collection of stories about the American 8th Air Force based in East Anglia
  • Graphic accounts of combat, collisions, battles against the elements and human error
  • Readers are trapped, struggling inside the spinning bomber
  • Readers share the agony of watching a broken fuselage spilling aircrew into space, those without parachutes clutching the air with terrible futility
  • There are fun times too- happy recollections, deftly described
  • Published by Haynes Publishing. 6-3/4"x 9-1/2". Hardbound. 224 pages
  • To order Bomber Stories please contact: Zenith Books, (800) 826-6600

Night of the Intruders

  • By Ian McLachlan
  • Here is the first full account of USAAF Mission 311 on 22 April 1944 when American Bombers suffered their highest ever losses to German intruders
  • Covers many famous USAAF, RAF, and Luftwaffer units
  • Describes the ferocious action over Europe when the American Fortresses and liberators attacked Germany's largest railway marshaling yard at Hamm, and the subsequent carnage and confusion over England as they limped home
  • Packed with powerful human interest stories, aviation archaeology, history and technical data
  • Night of the Intruders chronicles the mission fully from the initial planning stage to its bloody finale, untangling the facts behind what went so horribly wrong
  • Published by Haynes Publishing. 6-3/4"x 9-1/2". Hardbound. 224 pages
  • To order Night of the Intruders please contact: Zenith Books, (800) 826-6600

The Bomber Mountain Crash: A Wyoming Mystery

  • By R. Scott Madsen
  • Scott Madsen reconstructs the strange tale of a young Army Air Force B-17 bomber crew headed for England in June, 1943
  • Join the youthful airmen as they experience tragedy high in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains
  • A war story, a romance, a mystery -- a TRUE story you won't soon forget
  • Published by Mountain Man Publishing. 5.5"x8.25". Softbound. 105 pages
  • Available from Amazon

Lost Birds Member Magazine

  • Discover Aviation Archaeology
  • Exclusive Photographs
  • Visit Remote Crash Sites
  • New Discoveries!
  • The latest military and civil mishaps
  • Relive Historic Tragedies

Unfortunately Lost Birds discontinued publishing their magazine. AAIR has a few back issues for sale. E-mail us for more information.


Pat Macha has a video on the history of California aircraft mishaps.

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