Site 11 - Continental Boeing 727

Link to the NTSB accident report at
While not part of our survey because it crashed "recently" on November 21, 1980, we stopped and took pictures of this site because it was right along the path to the Betty Bomber.
Continental Airlines/Air Micronesia, Flight 614, a Boeing 727-92C, N18479, crashed while attempting to land when the right main landing gear separated from the aircraft. The aircraft touched down 13 feet short of the runway. It gradually veered off and came to rest in the jungle about 1,700 ft beyond the initial touchdown. Fire erupted along the right side of the aircraft as it came to a stop. All 73 on board escaped before fire destroyed the aircraft. Only three received injuries.
The next 8 photos are walking around the tail section.
On the underside of the tail the Continental logo is still visible.
Some of the fire damage is still evident on the underside of the fuselage.
The last 3 photos are of misc parts scattered along the jungle.
Link to the NTSB accident report at