Site 9 - Showa/Nakajima L2D Tabby

We pulled over to the side of the road...
...walked through a short stretch of jungle...
...and ran smack into a DC-3! Well actually an L2D Tabby. The Tabby was a Japanese licensed build copy of the Douglas DC-3.
The right main gear is behind the small tree; you can see it better in the photo below.
Right main landing gear.
Here, stuck in the grass and the vines, I work my way around the left hand engine firewall... and they said we would not need our machetes for this hike!#@$
Left side of the tail section.
Another view of the left side of the tail.
Left hand horizontal stabilizer. You can see the tail wheel sunk into the ground.
Looking at the tail section from directly behind the plane.
Looking inside the tail section.
Another view inside the tail.
Looking at the tail section on the right side.
Looking at wing sections.
Wing sections, another view.