Site 1 - Nakajima B5N Kate

Survey sketch of the Kate crash site.
The Kate site, as we walked up to it.
Inspecting the inside of the cockpit.
Left side view after we cleared the vegetation for the survey.
Quartering view from the right front.
We believe the tail section belongs to the Kate, however the wing panel does not. We know this because the wing roots attached to the fuselage contain gear, and the wing panel also had a set of gear in it! (See picture below)
The wing panel with gear attached.
What we believe is the Kate's engine
Another view of what we believe is the Kate's engine.
From the tail section, if one turns around and looks down the gully, there is a large bomb crater with another engine and wing in it.
The second engine in the bomb crater.
The second wing in the bomb crater.
Another view of the bomb crater. The fuselage is behind the trees on the upper right.