Consolidated B-24 Liberator
B-24E s/n 42-7350
22 MAR 44
22 miles southeast of Willcox AZ

B-24E s/n 42-7350 from Davis Monthan crash landed 22 miles southeast of Willcox. Four were killed, 2nd Lt. Gerard F. Hayden, F/O George C. Stoffel, 2nd Lt. Martin G. Wegehaupt, and Sgt. Roger P. McCord, and five were injured, 2nd Lt. Ellis P. George, Sgt. Walter J. Campen, Sgt. Leon J. Allen, Sgt. Jesse M. Stephen and Sgt. George A. Mathis.

Trey Brandt of Arizona Aviation Archaeology standing in the burn area, looking in the direction the B-24 came from.
Close up of the burn area.
Craig and Heidi Fuller of AAIR with the largest piece of the B-24, part of the Bombay door.