North American B-25 Mitchell
B-25J s/n 44-31401
11 AUG 45
25 miles south-southwest of Yucca Arizona

Wreckage intermixed with the rocks.
Small debris.
Engine left and below the saguaro.
Top of the ridge just above where the B-25 first hit.
Close up of engine.
Wreckage where the B-25 came to rest and burned.
Gas cap and other small parts.

Crash Report Excerpts

Crash Report, page 1
Crash Report - Section M, Description of the Accident

Crash Report Photos

The tail section on the top of the ridge.
Where most of the wreckage came to rest and burned.
Vertical stabilizer / rudder with the tail number.
Another view of the burn area near the top of the ridge.
The base of the cliff where the B-25 initially impacted.