Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star
P-80A s/n 48-85271
11 APR 53
28 miles east of Boulder City Nevada

Overall view of the crash site.
Heidi Hester and Doug Scroggins from Lost Birds hike to the first piece of wreckage spotted.
Even today the outline of the P-80 is still impacted into the soil.
Another view of the impact crater.
More debris.
The flap section was the largest piece of the plane found.
Misc. debris
A maintenance instruction sticker found on one of the parts.

Crash Report Excerpts

Crash Report, page 1
Crash Report - Section O, Description of Accident
Crash Report - Findings

Crash Report Photos

The outline of the P-80 is visible where it impacted into the soil. Arrows indicate direction of flight.
Another view of the impact crater.
View of the debris field with a *M*A*S*H* style ambulance in the background.
Debris field map from the crash report.