Douglas C-47 Skytrain
C-47D s/n 44-76266
30 DEC 51
35 miles north of Globe AZ

Original USAF photo of the crash site recently donated to AAIR.
This picture shows just how steep the approach to the crash site is.
Wing section down in the canyon.
This picture was taken from one side of the canyon of Jason standing on the other side.
Looking down into the canyon.
The main impact point.
Small debris below the main impact point.
More wreckage in the canyon.
The tail gear.

Crash Report Excerpts

Crash Report, page 1
Crash Report - Section O, Description of Accident
Crash Report - Section O, partial

Crash Report Photos

Aerial view of the crash site.
Close up of debris.
Section of fuselage.
View of the tail section.