Chance Vought F4U Corsair
F4U Bu# 50391 & FG-1 Bu# 13858
4 OCT 45
Mt. Tamalpias CA

Wreckage in the creek.
Wing section. Note the red insignia outline. Unfortunately most of the wreckage was illegally removed about 5 years ago.
Section of the fuselage.
This picture shows that it had the three tone paint scheme and the color of the zinc chromate.
More wreckage.
This wing was found 1 mile away from the other and it is unknown if they are from the same plane.
Wreckage around the second wing.
In this miniature pond, just below the surface is the R-2800 engine.

Crash Report Excerpt

Crash Report, page 1
Crash Report, page 2
Crash Report, page 3