North American F-100 Super Sabre
F-100D s/n 55-3789
17 NOV 59
15 miles northwest of Las Vegas NV

The impact crater.
Sticking out of the center of the impact crater at a 45 degree angle was part of a 20mm barrel.
Debris from the F-100
Armor plating.
Turbine wheels from the engine.
Engine mount.
Part of the nose gear strut.
Doug Scroggins from Lost Birds surveying the crash area.
For those who think of the desert as a dry hot place, the light rain and snow was not too bad, but the high wind made this trip down-right freezing!

Crash Report Excerpts

Crash Report, page 1
Note, this is a post 1955 edited (by the USAF) report.
Crash Report, Supplemental Sheet
Crash Report, Supplemental Sheet partial