Lockheed P-38 Lightning
P-38L s/n 44-24745
26 FEB 45
10 miles west of Geyserville CA

Aviation archaeologist Tony Rocha stands in the impact crater of solid rock.
Looking down from the impact point. Yes it is almost vertical.
A another view, though farther back, of the impact crater. The shale below is what was blown out of the rock face.
Hiking up the creek to the site, the only indication to head up the hill is the turbo charger. Don't see it...
Look closer. Other than the impeller, the turbo blends right in with the natural setting.
View of some of the wreckage down the hill.
View of some more wreckage down the hill. At the bottom right is the dive flap, which is one of the suspects for the crash.
A portion of the national insignia.
Indication of how hard the P-38 hit is this piece of skin that has accordianed up.
Aerial view. X marks the impact point. The wreckage is hidden by the trees.

Crash Report Excerpts

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