McDonnell F-101 Voodoo
F-101B s/n 58-0264 & F-101B s/n 58-0301
15 DEC 62
19 miles southeast of Yucca AZ

Aerial view of the crash site of F-101B s/n 58-0264
Close-up. The gray is the burn area and a large section of rear fuselage is visible at the top, to the right of the green bush.
The burn area where the bulk of the fuselage burned to tiny ingots.
Section of the tail with part of 58-0264's serial number and the tail stripe.
Close up of the burn area.
Some of the non-aluminum pieces in the outlying burn area.
The section of rear fuselage that was visible in the aerial photo.
Another view of the section of rear fuselage.
Miscellaneous pieces including Plexiglas from the canopy.

Photos from the Crash Report

Aerial photograph from the crash report.
TTail section of 58-0264. Note that the piece I am holding with part of the serial number fits perfectly in at the bottom of the tail.
Engine and aft fuselage section of 58-0264 at the burn area.
Badly damaged tail section of 58-0301. Also note hole on top of the fuselage. This picture was taken at Luke AFB where 301 made a safe landing.
Another view of the tail section of 58-0301.

Crash Report Excerpts

Crash report page 1
Crash report page 2 partial