Martin PBM Mariner
PBM-5 Bu# 45415
30 NOV 1944
Mount Tamalpias California

PBM Mariner Crew:
Lt. Joseph L Resley
Lt. Thomas W. Oliver
Ens. Chapin B. Miller
ACMM Harry L. Holland
AMM2c Rodney Jeffers
ARM2c Thomas J. Joyce
ARM3c John R. Kelly
AOM2c Wayne D. Paxson

AAIR team members at the impact site.
Close up of the impact site.
The largest piece of this once giant flying boat.
Most of the wreckage is in heavy manzanita.
Most of the site survey had to been done on ones hands and knees in order to move around in the manzanita.
More heavy manzanita
Still more.
Crash report, page 1.
Crash report, page 2.
AAIR recently just uncovered some additional documents on this crash, including an original photo, while at the National Archives. This is the first page of an alternate crash report.
This is the second page of the same report
Enclosure A of the report contains witness accounts of the crash.
Enclosure B of the report also contains witness accounts of the crash.
Enclosure B, continued.