This scrollable table (as required) lists over 1000 US civil accidents from 1933 to 2008. To order a report visit our Order Information page.

Crash Date YYMMDD State Airline Flight# Aircraft Model Aircraft Manufacturer N# Pilot Co-Pilot
20000305 CA Southwest Airlines 1455 737-300 Boeing N-668SW not given not given
20000521 PA Executive Airlines _ J-3101 British Aerospace (Jetstream) N16EJ not given not given
20001031 Taiwan Singapore Airlines _ 747-400 Boeing 9V-SPK not given not given
20080805 CA Carson Helicopters, Inc. _ S-61N Sikorsky N-612AZ not given not given
331010 IN United Airlines 23 Model 247 Boeing NC-13304 Tarrant, Harold R. Ruby, A. T.
341115 MO Rapid Air Lines _ SM-6000-B Stinson NC-10809 Billings, Benjamin F. Brasfield, H.C. (passenger)
341201 FL _ _ P S-2 Franklin G-12185 Eaton, Warren E. _
341208 MO Braniff Airways _ Vega 5-C Lockheed NC-106? (NC-106V ? Or NC-106W ?) Bowen, Lewis L. N/A
341220 IL United Airlines _ Model 247 Boeing NC-13328 Behncke, David L. Quayle, Kenneth W.
341222 TN American Airlines _ Orion model 9-D Lockheed NC-12286 Riggs, Russell S. _
341228 NY American Airways _ Model T-32-C Condor NC-12363 Dryer, N. E. Dryer, Dale
350126 PA Transcontinental & Western Air _ Fleetster Consolidated NC-13212 Church, Floyd F. _
350324 OH _ _ Model C-3 Aeronca NC-13585 Pierman, Irvin _
350422 IN _ _ OV-6M Welch No. 13521 (unlicensed but bore this Dept of Commerce ID#) Berger, Glen _
350501 CO Varney Air Transport _ Vega Lockheed NC-891E Mentijo, John J. _
350502 CO _ _ D-2 Alexander Flyabout NC-14428 Hatchett, Terry A. _
350506 MO Transcontinental & Western Air _ DC-2 "Sky Chief" Douglas NC-13785 Bolton Greeson, Kenneth
350507 CA Petrol Oil Corporation _ Skyrocket CH-400 Bellanca NC-547V Williams, Leland F. _
350518 MI Knowles Flying Service _ Model 4-AT-E Ford NC-7864 Knowles, Theodore _
350527 WY Wyoming Air Service _ Monomail 221-A Boeing NC-725W Lucas, Alva _
350528 IL Chicago and Southern Airlines _ SM-6000-B Stinson NC-10894 Lynn, John B. _
350620 TX _ _ Model 113 Monocoupe not given, apparently not registered Keenan, Thomas N. Loving, Pat
350622 NY _ _ T-2 Mercury Chic NC-15N Whitney or Hitney, Albert L. _
350629 NY _ _ A-1 Eaglerock NC-8238 Goran, Ivan M. _
350716 PA Philadelphia Air Transport Co _ C-3 Aeronca NC-12493 Smith, J. Wesley Bettle, Griscom
350716 PA Sharples Specialty Co _ YMF Waco NC-14080 Sharples, P.T. _
350719 MS Wedell-Williams Air Service _ Model 102-E General NC-492K Wedell, Walter W. _
350803 NM Transcontinental & Western Air _ DC-2 Douglas NC-13722 Abbott, Clifford V. Jones, W.W.
350814 TX Delta Airlines _ Model A Stinson NC-14599 Dixon, Andrew Bulkeley, Herbert
350815 AK _ _ Orion Model 9E Lockheed NR-12283 Post, Wiley Rogers, Will
350815 WY Aero Mayflower Transit Co. _ Model YKC Waco NC-14140 Arnett, Richard A. _
350828 RI Waco Distributors _ Model YOC Waco NC-14621 Crane, Joshua _
350901 CA Western Air Express _ Model 247-D Boeing NC-13314 Sherwood, George C. Burlew, F.N.??
350908 IL _ _ E-2 Taylor Cub NC-14779 Miethe, Harley Snyder, Fred
350920 NY _ _ E-2 Taylor Cub NC-13117 France, Sylvester _
350926 WY _ _ B-17L Beechcraft NC-14416 Dildine, Emmett E. _
351007 WY United Air Lines Transport Corp _ 247-D Boeing NC-13317 Collison, H.A. Batty, G.E.
351017 NY _ _ P-2 Privateer NC-94K Freedman, Harry _
351021 NY Chamberlin Flying Service _ Condor CO Curtiss NC-725K Hublitz, Henry P. Nichols, Ruth R.
351030 WY United Air Lines Transport Corp _ 247-D Boeing NC-13323 Arnold, Marion T. _
351113 MT _ _ NB-3G Nicholas Beazley NC-595H Mamuzich, John M. _
351116 PA Central Airlines _ Model A Stinson NC-15107 Carmichael, James A. Gerber, Edward H.
351127 FL Taylor Aircraft Company _ E-2 Taylor Cub NC-14733 Finney, Joseph T. _
351211 NY Ethyl Gasoline Corp _ Model 17R Beechcraft NC-499N Noyes, Dewey L. _
360216 TX Culver Oil Company _ Model CUC Waco NC-14685 Snick, Paul McDonald Culver, George L.
360305 AR _ _ Model B17L Beechcraft NC-15486 Woodward, Harley E. _
360407 PA Transcontinental & Western Air _ DC-2 "Sun Racer" Douglas NC-13721 Ferguson, Otto Lewis, Harry C.
360408 OH _ _ C-3 Aeronca NC-14094 Treiber, Elmer C. _
360418 TX _ _ E-2 Taylor Cub NC-15633 Farish, Jefferson D. Bryan, Guy N.
360419 PA _ _ Model B17R Beechcraft NC-281Y Harvey, Frederick H. _
360424 GA Air Service, Inc _ Model 2 Fleet NC-645M Batson, Eugene O. _
360426 MI Michigan Aero Club _ Model 2 Fleet NC-797V Hickey, Leo F. Madyck, William
360503 MI _ _ Model UIC Waco NC-13420 Baughn, James H. _
360505 IN _ _ C-3 Aeronca NC-16252 Marquis, Samuel E. _
360505 KY _ _ Model 200 Invincible Unlicenced ID# 55N (not licensed by Bureau of Air Commerce) Causey, Alfred M. _
360517 PA _ _ Model LAJ glider Waco Federal ID# 681Y (was not licensed) Condax, Thomas _
360531 IL Transcontinental & Western Air _ DC-2 Douglas NC-14979 Smith, Wesley L. Houle, George
360805 MO Chicago & Southern Air Lines _ Electra 10-B Lockheed NC-16022 Zeier, Carl F. Mossman, Russell C.
361215 UT Western Air Express _ 247-D Boeing NC-13370 Samson, S.J. Bogan, William L.
361218 ID Northwest Airlines _ Electra 10-A Lockheed NC-14935 Livermore, Joe Haid, Arthur A.
361219 PA North American Aviation _ DC-2 Douglas NC-13732 Merrill, Henry T. Batllo, John A.
361227 CA United Air Lines Transport Corp 34 247-D Boeing NC-13355 Blom, Edwin W. McLean, Robert J.
370112 CA Western Air Express _ 247-D Boeing NC-13315 Lewis, William W. Owens, Clifford P.
370209 CA United Air Lines Transport Corp _ DC-3A Douglas NC-16073 Thompson, A.R. DeCesaro, Joe
370802 Panama Pan American Grace Airways _ S-43 Sikorsky NC-15065 Dunn, Stephen Gray, J.G.
370810 FL Eastern Airlines _ DC-2 Douglas NC-13739 Dietz, Stuart G. Rex, Robert
371017 UT United Airlines _ DC-3A Douglas NC16074 Woodgerd, Earl D. Adams, John B.,
380110 MT Northwest Airlines _ Electra Model 14-H Lockheed NC-17388 Mamer, Nick B. West, Frederick W.
380425 Jamaica Pan American Airways 105 S-43 Sikorsky NC-16932 Hart, Joseph H. Allen, W.E.
380524 OH United Air Lines _ DST-A sleeper Douglas NC-18108 Brandon, James L. Merrifield, Austin S.
380603 _ _ _ DC-2 Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp _ _ _
380708 MT Northwest Airlines _ Electra Model 14H Lockheed NC-17383 Bullock, Walter R. Doan, Lester H.
380729 Pacific Ocean Pan Am 229 M-130 flying boat "Hawaii Clipper" Martin NC-14714 Terletsky, Leo Walker, Mark A.
380824 NM Transcontinental & Western Air _ DC-3B Douglas NC-17316 Hess, Harold G. White, Bronson
381018 AL Eastern Air Lines _ DC-2 Douglas NC-13735 Hissong, J.D. Russell, C.R.
381129 CA United Air Lines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-16066 Stead, Charles B. Jones, Lloyd E.
390113 MT Northwest Airlines _ Model 14-H Lockheed NC-17389 Chamberlain, C.B. Norby, R.B.
390326 OK Braniff Airways _ DC-2 Douglas NC-13727 Seaton, Claude H. Wallace, Malcolm
390813 Brazil Pan American Airways _ S43-B flying boat Sikorsky NC-16933 Persons, Addison G. King, George B.
400517 CO Transcontinental & Western Air _ 307-B Boeing NC-19905 Bryan, Otis F. Richardson, F.G.
400724 Venezuela Pan American Airways _ DC-3A Douglas NC-25657 George, Clifton V. Delareuelle, Robert R.
400831 VA Pennsylvania-Central Airlines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-21789 Scroggins, Lowell V. Moore, J. Paul
400903 CT American Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-19974 Cheney, W.J. Higbee, C.E.
401023 Bermuda Pan American Airways _ S-42B Sikorsky NC-16735 Culbertson, W.B. Lindsey, L.C.
401104 UT United Air Lines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-16086 Fey, Howard M. Sandegren, Thomas E.
401126 GA Eastern Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-16082 Garrigan, James J. Morrison, Junius D.
401204 IL United Air Lines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-25678 Scott, Philip C. Young, n/a
401211 MO American Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-16015 Susott, Herbert Philipps, Earl
401214 ND Northwest Airlines _ not given Douglas NC-23608 Bates, C.F. McKeown, J.A.
410104 AL Delta Airlines 15 Electra Model 10-B Lockheed NC-14960 Davis, Edward C. McKee, Robert L.
410105 CA United Airlines _ Model 18-08 Lodestar Lockheed NC-25632 Davis, William E. Brandt, Berkeley
410123 MO TWA _ DC-3B Douglas NC-17315 Scott, P.T.W. DioGuardi, O.J.
410226 GA Eastern Airlines 21 DST Douglas NC-28394 Perry, James A. Thomas, Luther E.
410310 OH American Airlines _ DC-3B Douglas NC-15592 Bryant, Lester W. Murray, James G
410403 FL Eastern Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-21727 O'Brien, Gerald Crabtree, Byron M.
410416 WV Pennsylvania-Central Airlines _ 247D Boeing NC-13359 Wright, Russell J. Riley, William H.
410423 TX Continental Airlines _ Model 18-08 Lockheed NC-25637 Folwell, Roger Taneyhill, Harry D.
410601 KS Transcontinental & Western Air _ DC-3 Douglas NC-1941 Boqua, Edward Z. Richwine, David W.
410601 KS Braniff Airways _ DC-3 Douglas NC-25667 Powers, Vernon I. Huff, Oliver M
410603 IL Chicago & Southern Air Lines 10 DC-3 Douglas NC-28378 Eames, Ralph Kelly, Joseph C.
410605 FL Eastern Airlines _ DC-3-G202A Douglas NC-15596 Coney, n/a Haynes, J.E.
410608 El Salvador Pan American Airways 501 DC-3 Douglas NC-25657 Peters, Samuel T. Carlton, William C.
410610 CO United Airlines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-16064 Jeppesen, E.B. Allan, F.W.
410611 IA Mid-Continent Airlines _ 10-A Lockheed NC-16058 Moomaw, L. William Carruthers, Peter
410616 PA TWA 53 DC-3 Douglas NC-1948 Lloyd, Bernard M. Lynch, Thomas
410621 TX American Airlines _ DST Douglas NC-16001 Hooton, William B. Tipton, James O.
410716 Columbia, South America Pan American Airways _ DC-3A Douglas NC-28307 Wright, Victor A. Meade, Bruce S.
410716 CA Western Air Lines _ DSTA Douglas NC-18101 Holtan, Lester C. Cerveny, George E.
410801 CO Continental Airlines _ Model 18-08 Lockheed NC-25639 Woodworth, Marshall B. Collins, Charles H.
410816 Guam Pan American Airways _ Model 314 flying boat Boeing NC-18601 Chase, Henry J. Avary, Edwin D.
410923 FL Pan American Airways 320 S-42B Sikorsky NC-15374 Lewis, Francis S.K. Reese, William G.
410930 TX Delta Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-28340 Dice, Murrell D. Reynolds, Leon B.
411002 WV Pennsylvania-Central Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-25691 Wright, Russell J. Bininger, Robert J.
411003 Puerto Rico Pan American Airways _ S-42B Sikorsky NC-15376 Lorber, Charles A. Breaux, Harvey E.
411010 GA Eastern Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-19970 Cann, Fred Loveless, John R.
411030 Ontario, Canda American Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-25663 Cooper David I. Owens, Richard L.
411030 MN Northwest Airlines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-21712 Bates, Clarence F. Onsgard, Alden
411222 AL Delta Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-28343 Schier, Tippen Nichols, William E.
420116 NV Transcontinental & Western Air _ DC-3 Douglas NC1946 Williams, Wayne C. Gillotto, M.A.
420116 NV TWA _ DC-3 Douglas NC-1946 Williams, Wayne C. Gillette, M.A.
420121 TX Abilene Aviation School _ Model 65TL Aeronca NC-29424 unoccupied _
420121 TX Abilene Aviation School _ Model 65TL Aeronca NC-34455 unoccupied _
420121 TX Abilene Aviation School _ Model 65 TAL Aeronca NC-36683 unoccupied _
420121 TX American Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-21794 Myers, Henry T. James, Victor E.
420205 AR American Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-17332 Shoff, Sheldon T. Gray, Herbert L.
420217 NY American Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-18143 Rickards, Charles H. Proper, Clyde H.
420224 TN Chicago & Southern Air Lines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-19977 Sterling, Claude McCoy Reid, Howard E.
420302 PA TWA 58 DC-3 Douglas NC-13726 Irwin, Kalman J. Gandy, Jack S.
420302 MI Pennsylvania-Central Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-21788 Read, Ralph Ricks, Albert R.
420411 NY United Airlines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-16064 Wilson, Douglas Butterfield, Stuart W.
420501 UT United Airlines _ DST-A sleeper Douglas NC-18146 Brown, Donald W. Miner, Willard H.
420512 MT Northwest Airlines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-21714 Shank, Eugene S. Nygren, Donald H.
420521 AR American Airlines _ DC3-G102 Douglas NC-16018 Hudson, Linwood P. Eckardt, George P.
420627 OH TWA _ DC-3 Douglas NC-17320 Hortman, Norman Connick, Charles C.
420829 ND Northwest Airlines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-21711 DeLong, Leon S. Finholt, Theodore M.
420917 IN TWA 20 DC-3 Douglas NC-1942 Thrush, Ray L. Fitzgerald, Glenn B.
421003 Newfoundland, Canada American Export Airlines _ Model 44A flying boat Vought Sikorsky NC-41880 Wilson, Joseph H. Lindsay, Robert D.
421023 CA American Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-16017 Pedley, Charles F. Rappert, Louis F.
421023 CA US Army _ B-34 Lexington (Ventura) Lockheed 41-38116 Wilson, Willian N., Lt Leicht, Robert R., StaffSgt
421104 KS US Army _ C-53 Douglas 41-20116 Ponn, Loyal T, Captain Burrell, Obert C., 2Lt
421104 KS TWA _ DC-3 Douglas NC-18951 Welch, Lawrence Lipke, Maurice
421215 UT Western Air Lines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-16060 Loeffler, Edward J. Lee, James C.
421219 NV Pathfinder Flying Service _ M-62B (PT-19) Fairchild NC-41833 Petersen, Howard H. _
421220 IL United Airlines _ DC-3A Douglas NC-18942 Lewis, Wesley R. Wayne, Don V.
430121 CA Pan American Airways _ M130 flying boat Martin NC-14715 Elzey, Robert M. Judd, Orvan K.
430122 Peru Pan American-Grace Airways _ DC-3A Douglas NC-33645 Gardner, Gordon W. Turbyne, Robert W.
430222 Portugal Pan American Airways _ 314 flying boat Boeing NC-18603 Sullivan, R.O.D. Rush, H.S.
430226 LA Hobley-Maynard Air Service _ BL Taylorcraft NC-23609 Thorell, Adele Payne, Jack Dillard
430509 MO _ _ LCA Culver NC-41704 Clyne, Lowell N. Sloan, Fred
430529 WA Zimmerly Air Transport _ M-62B (PT-19) Fairchild NC-37165 Sloate, Burt C. Wood, Deryl L.
430603 KS Harte Flying Service _ J3F-65 Piper NC-40826 Betzer, Donald F. Alguire, Clinton L.
430603 KS Aero Parts Flying Club _ J4A Piper NC-23275 Hutton, Harry I. Tembrink, Eugene L.
430606 MI _ _ KR-34-C Fairchild NC-205M Snover, Reginald J. _
430607 OH Defense Plant Corporation/Wolverine Aviation Company _ BF12-65 Taylorcraft NC-36285 Johnson, Harry W. _
430608 CA _ _ 4000 Travel Air NR-8135 Veroneaux, Arthur J. _
430611 OH Aeronca Aircraft Corp. _ AF-43-26840 Aeronca AF-43-26840 (no reg# given, this may be factory number) Fry, Maurice C. _
430615 OK Southern Aviation, Inc _ Cadet S-1A-90F Interstate NC-37347 Reynolds, Earl F. Stilley, W.T.
430617 SC Defense Plant Corporation/Giles Flying Service _ 8B Luscombe NC-28787 Crump, Morris J. Callahan, James W.
430622 GA US Army _ AT-10 (AT-10BH) Beechcraft 41-1721 Benfield, Robert E., Lt. Leonardo, Joseph, Air Cadet
430622 GA Defense Plant Corporation/Carson Chalk Flying School _ UPF7 Waco NC-29335 Williams, James L. Sproles, Dorsey L.
430624 PA Piper Aircraft Corp _ J5A Piper NC-41211 Kanistras, Michael _
430626 WV _ _ LFA Culver NC-41622 Clemens, Archie R. Cox, Artemus W.
430630 NY Lockport Flyers _ J3F-60 Piper NC-28167 Wille, Neiland B. Campbell, Gordon E.
430708 AL _ _ J-2 Piper NC-17853 Burdette, Charlie G. _
430710 OH _ _ C-3 Aeronca NC-12401 Steimer, Virgil E. Stritch, Edward W.
430711 AK _ _ S-65C Aeronca NC-26380 Kennedy, James O. Severson, George
430713 AZ Quick Aviation Company _ C-3-R Stearman NR-658K Austin, Benjamin F. _
430714 NE _ _ BF Taylorcraft NC-20431 Fitzpatrick, Morton H. Schwindt, John
430716 VA _ _ SM-8A Stinson NC-427Y Seay, Henry T. _
430716 PA _ _ J3L-76 Piper NC-41007 Heckman, Charles J. _
430717 PA CBX Club _ J-4 Piper NC-22814 Brown, Grayson J. Daugherty, Robert M.
430717 FL _ _ J3F-65 Piper NC-40954 Woosley, Lowrey C. Brown, LeRoy H.
430718 NY Defense Plant Corporation/Utica Aviation School _ ZGC-7 Waco NC-17730 Byrne, Thomas F. Bowman, Beecher B.
430718 WA _ _ J-3 Piper NC-20814 Lyons, Robert W. Posner, Harry A.
430718 CA _ _ J3L Piper NC-26117 Warren, Kyle A. Warren, William F.
430719 AZ Defense Plant Corporation _ Cadet S-1A Interstate NC-37227 Haidvogel, Robert V. Avila, Robert J.
430719 TX Long & Harmon _ 24 C8-F Fairchild NC-16833 Morgan, Kenneth E. Boyarko, Nick C.
430721 MT _ _ J5B Piper NC-40984 Stocknill, George E. Askin, George F.
430721 TX US Army _ L2A Taylorcraft 42-36038 Irwin, Morgan R. McCullough, Thomas H.
430723 NM Carlsbad Flying Service _ BC-65 Taylorcraft NC-24016 McDermaid, Robert C. _
430725 GA _ _ J3C-50 Piper NC-30644 Brummitt, William O. Edge, Jack M.
430728 KY American Airlines 63 DC-3-G102 Douglas NC-16014 Stiller, Harry A. McClure, Robert M.
430729 TN Defense Plant Corporation/Wood Flying Service _ J5A Piper NC-35186 Wolfe, Harold F. Burns, Jack M.
430729 UT Defense Plant Corporation/Utah Pacific Airways _ J3L-65 Piper NC-33247 Mellett, Ray C. Tucker, Kenneth W.
430731 NY Defense Plant Corporation/Dansville Flying Service _ J5A Piper NC-38024 Kuhn, Dorothy L. Reynolds, Eugene
430731 KY _ _ J5A Piper NC-32658 Kenyon, John W. Homan, Harry E.
430801 NE _ _ KCA Aeronca NC-21067 Thies, John W. _
430801 PA _ _ BC-65 Taylorcraft NC-24384 Johns, Albert F. _
430801 OH _ _ _ Luscombe NC-1344 Wardzinski, Eugene L. Thomas, Stanley R.
430801 NV _ _ 7000 Rearwin NC-18023 Nuttall, David V. Nuttal, Ella J.
430803 TX US Army _ 12A Taylorcraft 42-36066 Dobbs, Lynn W. Stocki, Lund C.
430803 TX _ _ 35-70 Porterfield NC-16494 Graham, Irving W.M. _
430805 OH Aviation Corporation _ T8P-1 Barkley-Grow NC-2428 Lawrence, Frank P. Case, Augustus B.
430806 AR Murphy Crop Dusting Co. _ J3C-65 Piper NC-25701 Beard, Burt B. _
430807 IL _ _ _ Aeronca NC-17770 Butz, Darrel G. Vollp, Maurice
430808 OH _ _ 113 Special Monocoupe NC-8951 Miller, Russel D. _
430808 KY _ _ J-3 Piper NC-20862 Freeborn, Charles Baird Lucas, Ivan
430810 MN Minnesota Skyways _ J3C-50 Piper NC-26157 Lindahl, LeRoy C. _
430810 IL Howell Flying Service _ J3C-50 Piper NC-23115 Limanowski, Stanley C. _
430814 IL _ _ LCA Culver NC-29256 Sturdy, Franklin D. Piercy, Olin
430814 IL Monarch Air Service _ C17B Beechcraft NC-15847 O'Carroll, Pierce N. Shafer, Thomas L.
430814 TX _ _ J5A Piper NC-32992 Westall, Stafford D. _
430818 TX _ _ 65-CA Aeronca NC-34507 (difficult to read, might be NC34597) Bender, Elmer Finger, George W.
430820 MI Detroit School of Aviation _ J3F-50 Piper NC-24798 Peterson, Henry J. _
430820 AR _ _ 8A Luscombe NC-41909 Stover, John H. _
430821 NY Seneca Eagles Flying Club _ J-2 Piper NC-19523 Newton, William J. _
430821 PA _ _ J4A Piper NC-23411 Swann, Joseph O. Boss, James D.
430824 TX Amarillo Flying Club _ LFA Culver NC-41648 Clark, Lester W. _
430827 UT Defense Plant Corporation/South Utah Flying Service _ Cadet S-1A Interstate NC-37318 Atkin, Norman M. Adamowitz, Raymond E.
430827 UT Defense Plant Corporation/South Utah Flying Service _ Cadet S-1A Interstate NC-37319 Cook, LeLand T. Christian, Robert R.
430901 MS Defense Plant Corporation/Starkville Flying Service _ J5-A (J5A) Piper NC-35609 Ritchie, Jumell Hooks, Robert
430902 MD _ _ Sportster K Kinner Sportster NC-12296 Stake, Nelson W. _
430905 PA _ _ _ Aeronca NC-17757 Jackson, John A. _
430905 IA _ _ 65-CA Aeronca NC-33712 McQuown, Earl _
430906 OR _ _ Special 17, Type 2H Consolidated Fleetstar NC-731H (hard to read, NC731 ?) Hogue, Clifford W. _
430910 MT Defense Plant Corporation/Johnson Flying Service _ J3C-65 Piper NC-35707 Hillman, Stanley Richards, William T.
430910 MT Defense Plant Corporation/Johnson Flying Service _ J3C-65 Piper NC-35851 Reynolds, Clyde Schwenter, Robert N.
430911 TX Defense Plant Corporation _ 10A Stinson NC-31526 Hallman, Robert E. Young, James A.
430912 AL Jasper Flying Club _ _ Taylorcraft NC-19602 Sanford, Bergie G. Short, Newton C.
430912 LA _ _ 8B Luscombe NC-41959 Shaffer, Jack G. Dinger, A.J.
430912 TX _ _ CP-50 Porterfield NC-25413 Culp, John H. Kirkpatrick, Edgar E.
430913 ID Defense Plant Corporation/Bennett Flying Service _ BL-65 Taylorcraft NC-24012 Evans, Everett M. Porsolt, John K.
430913 TX Defense Plant Corporation/Jacksonville Flying Service _ 65-TL Aeronca NC-34466 Vickers, Edgar C. _
430916 VA _ _ LFA Culver NC-34799 Barry, Ralph H. _
430920 WY Defense Plant Corporation/Summit Airways _ 8A Luscombe NC-41960 Pearsall, Alfred S. _
430920 MA US Department of Agriculture _ PCA-3 Autogiro Pitcairn NC-11612 Whittam, Donald _
430920 MT _ _ J3 Piper NC-20867 Gagel, Roy E. _
430921 OH Lane Aviation Corp _ DGA-18 Howard NC-31614 Beebe, Francis _
430921 GA _ _ LFA Culver NC-41649 Peasley, Verner L. Fisher, Thomas T.
430924 SC Defense Plant Corporation/Hawthorne Flying Service _ J3C-65 Piper NC-41074 Lomax, Daniel W. Williams, Irving A.
430930 IL Suburban Aviation Corp _ J5A Piper NC-32888 Affeld, Charles E. Streuter, Milton A.
431001 IN Sky Harbor, Inc _ 65TL Aeronca NC-31427 DeVan, George E. Buckner, Robert H.
431001 MS _ _ C-3-B Stearman NR-8821 Holihan, Daniel J. _
431004 IA Beacon Airways/Defense Plant Corporation _ _ Taylorcraft NC-29854 Russell, Roland P. _
431004 PA Defense Plant Corporation/Graham Aviation Flying Schools _ J3L-65 Piper NC-41559 Root, Clarence B. Phillis, Robert S.
431004 PA Defense Plant Corporation/Graham Aviation Flying Schools _ J5A Piper NC-38293 Good, Roy F. Samour, James K.
431007 NE _ _ J5A Piper NC-38590 Adams, Ruth A. Spinar, Frank E.
431009 GA _ _ _ Luscombe NC-22003 Maier, Herman A. Mullis, Bobbie L.
431009 ND _ _ J3C-65 Piper NC-25762 Watts, James O. _
431010 IL _ _ J-2 Piper NC-16699 Pratt, Everett E. Winnie, Florence
431014 TX Defense Plant Corporation _ UPF-7 Waco NC-32131 Hobson, Phillip D. Allison, Vincent S.
431015 TN American Airlines 63 DC-3-G102 Douglas NC-16008 Dryer, Dale Brand, William J.
431015 IL Currey Flying Service _ 65TL Aeronca NC-31872 Kratz, Charles Garrett, Elliot P.
431017 MN Defense Plant Corporation/Hinck Flying Service _ DGA-18 Howard NC-31620 Morrill, Clair F. Isensee, Donald
431018 AL Defense Plant Corporation/Southern Airways Sales Co. _ J3C-65 Piper NC-38741 Gillespie, Ira M. _
431023 WA Kurtzer Flying Service _ 10A Stinson NC-36737 Strange, Willard A. Nelson, Myron M.
431025 PA All American Aviation _ SR-10C Stinson NC-2285 Bryan, Thomas E. Gasbarro, Victor J.
431026 MS Defense Plant Corporation/Greenwood Flying Service _ YNF Waco NC-14082 Wilkinson, Van Kastl, Thomas
431026 WA Defense Plant Corporation/Calkins Aircraft Company _ 65-TL Aeronca NC-31333 Spahr, Thane M. _
431026 WA Defense Plant Corporation/Calkins Aircraft Company _ UPF-7 Waco NC-29984 Ryan, William B. _
431026 AZ Defense Plant Corporation//Southwest Airways _ J5A Piper NC-35704 Schad, Rudolf Birch, Milford D.
431026 AZ US Army _ AT-6A North American 41-688 Galbraith, T.C. Jarvis, David H.
431026 NE _ _ _ Luscombe NC-22019 Murray, Fay W. _
431026 NE _ _ BL12-65 Taylorcraft NC-36442 Valentine, Linville F., Dr. Pinneker, Reinholdt J.
431029 TX Defense Plant Corporation-US ARMY _ L2A Taylorcraft 42-35959 Newman, Rupert T. Wall, James J.A.
431030 TX _ _ J3L-65 Piper NC-38560 Crenshaw, David C. George, Paul
431031 KS _ _ BA-100 Bowlus NC-41777 Deaver, Richard W. _
431031 FL _ _ 22-C-7A Fairchild NC-12687 Jamison, Archie H. _
431031 LA _ _ 9000L Rearwin NC-19447 Hemler, William F. West, LeRoy A.
431101 TX Brownfield Flying Club _ 65CA Aeronca NC-31962 Tiernan, Elwood P. Huckabee, Luke
431101 OK _ _ LP-65 Porterfield NC-32333 Garrett, Sara K. _
431102 NM Defense Plant Corporation/Bible's Flying Service _ BC12-65 Taylorcraft NC-33907 Hodde, Edward J. Ellison, Dean K.
431102 AZ Defense Plant Corporation/Pacific Air Schools _ CP-65 Porterfield NC-34745 Nolan, Kenneth J. _
431106 TX _ _ 8D Luscombe NC-41942 Halsted, Leon W. Halsted, Lynda D.
431110 MO Defense Plant Corporation/Kan Cities Flying Service _ SR-9B Stinson NC-17151 Routh, Donn M. McCurdy, Clifford O.
431110 NV Defense Plant Corporation _ OTW-160 Meyers NC-34347 Dexter, Frederick S. Mabe, James R.
431114 AK Wien Alaska Airlines _ C-34 Cessna NC-16408 Moore, Edward G. _
431114 NC _ _ J3L Piper NC-25095 Gentry, Ted A. _
431118 IA US Army/Miller-Cavalier Flying Service _ L-2A Taylorcraft 42-35914 Hansen, Homer O. Pistone, Philip R.
431119 LA Eastern Airlines 12 DC-3-G202A Douglas NC-19968 Miles, Erle W. Lohrke, Alden L.
431119 MN Defense Plant Corporation/Hinck Flying Service _ DGA-18K Howard NC-39656 Thies, Harold Carter, Howard L.
431120 MI US Army _ B-17F Boeing unknown O'Bagy, Paul, Lt. _
431120 MI Floyd Foren Flyers, Inc. _ 10 Stinson NC-27794 O'Brien, William E. Jennings, William
431120 MI Floyd Foren Flyers, Inc. _ J5A Piper NC-41158 _ _
431120 VA _ _ J3L Piper NC-27929 Balderson, Herman C. Conley, Mabel I.
431123 WA _ _ J5B Piper NC-38870 Short, Lawrence E. Boersma, Theodore F.
431124 PA Defense Plant Corporation/Aircraft Services Consolidated _ UPF-7 Waco NC-29959 Scholl, George H. _
431124 IN Defense Plant Corporation/Purdue Aeronautical Corp _ UPF-7 Waco NC-32191 Bright, Arthur D. Wiggin, Rodney F.
431127 ME State of Maine Dept of Inland Fisheries & Game _ J5A Piper NC-33284 Turgeon, William H. Wilson, Howard
431128 TX Aeronautical Development Co. _ SM-7A Stinson NC-980W MacKenzie, Ralph S. Marshall, James W.
431128 OH _ _ C-3 Aeronca NC-14111 Reddy, Francis A. _
431130 OH Defense Plant Corporation/Harrington Flying Service _ J5A Piper NC-35582 Cornish, Frank L. Rieken, George E.
431203 CO Defense Plant Corporation/Mountain States Aviation Co. _ J3C-65 Piper NC-26887 Debus, William A. Wood, Jack W.
431206 OR Defense Plant Corporation/Portland Flying Service _ UPF-7 Waco NC-32051 Furse, Robert E. _
431206 NY _ _ KC Aeronca NC-19720 Stiles, Edwin P. Sevene, Edward H.
431206 OR U.S. Department of Commerce/Portland Flying Service _ N3N-3 US Navy (Naval Aircraft Factory) NR-45143 Morrow, Max D. Donohue, Charles D.
431207 OR _ _ BL-65 Taylorcraft NC-26628 Capps, Everett E. _
431208 AK Wien Alaska Airlines _ C-165 Cessna NC-25484 Hautala, William A. Hylton, Roswell M.
431208 NV Defense Plant Corporation _ OTW-160 Meyers NC-34349 McClain, Lewis S. Shapard, George W.
431208 UT Defense Plant Corporation/Utah Pacific Airways _ J3C-65 Piper NC-35948 Deloney, Hyrum C. Concialdi, Frank G.
431210 MN Defense Plant Corporation _ DGA-18K Howard NC-39656 Slack, Glen A. Varner, Ernest
431211 MI _ _ BL-65 Taylorcraft NC-26655 Harvey, Richard L. Hansen, Conrad
431212 KY _ _ E-2 Piper NC-15394 Kearney, Alvin G. _
431213 CA Chaffrey Junior College _ 7 DeLuxe Fleet NC-780V Williams, William D. Ozanich, Charles D.
431215 ME Portland Flying Service _ J5A Piper NC-35953 Quinn, Rowland K. _
431219 CA _ _ J3F-50 Piper NC-25950 Wells, Rex L. Hall, Patricia L.
431220 IL _ _ 415C Ercoupe NC-28923 Medalis, Norman A. Barnhizer, Vernon F.
431221 AR _ _ J4E Piper NC-35599 Merrill, Leigh A. Peters, Charles
431225 TX _ _ BL-65 Taylorcraft NC-27522 Blalock, G. Cleve Wells, John P., Lt.
431227 WA Defense Plant Corporation/Pullman-Moscow Air Service _ J3F-65 Piper NC-30549 Simonson, Sylvia E. J. (or Johnson-Simonson, Sylvia E. ?) Knauff, Hubert P.
431228 VT Defense Plant Corporation/Fli-Rite School of Aviation _ J3C-65 Piper NC-35873 Birnbaum, Robert J. Silber, Morriss I.
431228 VT Defense Plant Corporation/Fli-Rite School of Aviation _ J3L-65 Piper NC-38844 DeLaricheliere, Rene P. Hollander, Harry M.
440108 PA Defense Plant Corporation/Aircraft Services Consolidated _ UPF-7 Waco NC-20973 Peters, Ralph R. Kearney, Francis K.
440113 MN Defense Plant Corporation/North Aviation Company _ UPF-7 Waco NC-30174 Jones, Elmer F. _
440117 TX _ _ C-3 Aeronca NC-16532 Robinson, Jack W. Dreyfuss, Jules B.
440121 FL J.L. Schroeder, Inc _ J3C-65 Piper NR-35678 Wimp, Robert L. _
440123 AZ _ _ _ Fleet NC-238H Messersmith, George F. Wright, Ralph H.
440131 MI _ _ BC-65 Taylorcraft NC-24405 Tipper, Frank E. Bullard, Victor W.
440210 TN American Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-21767 Francis, Dale B. Majors, Raymond R.
440217 PA Findley C. Wilson (owner) _ J3F-65 Piper NC-38371 Pardee, James H. Denning, Glenn
440217 PA Findley C. Wilson (owner) _ J3F-65 Piper NC-38256 McClure, Joseph W. McCann, Thomas F.
440306 MT _ _ 50-F Aeronca NC-22474 Apgar, Harvey D. Powell, Robert
440310 NJ _ _ PA-6 Pitcairn NC-824N Butler, Edward _
440324 PA US Dept of Commerce/Lancaster Air Service _ N3N-3 Naval Aircraft Factory ? NR-45245 Grassi, John J. Bianchi, Nicholas
440324 WI US Army _ L2B Taylorcraft not given (except as WTS 896) Larson, Raymond E. Murray, Lloyd O.
440326 SD Inland Air Lines _ C17B Beechcraft NC-17060 Burton, Ralph L. _
440406 AK Pan American Airways _ 100-B Pilgrim NC-742N Bullis, Robert L. Meller, Fred
440427 NY Safair Flying School _ L-3B Aeronca NC-30443 Daly, Arthur J. Jewett, Leland R.
440430 PA _ _ 65-C Aeronca NC-23587 Peer, Sylvester C. Peer, Donald
440518 TX _ _ J4A Piper NC-27809 Reese, Dee _
440808 Cuba Pan American 218 S42 flying boat Sikorsky NC-823M Williams, Marion K. Publicker, Robert B.
440929 PA All American Aviation _ SR-10C Stinson NC-21129 Scott, Wilson A. Taylor, Robert H.
441028 MS Delta Airlines _ C-49J (DC-3-G202A) Douglas not given in the report Smith, Edward F. Mullis, Bobbie L.
441104 CA TWA _ DC-3 Douglas NC-28310 Bethel, Alford T. Smith, George E.
441201 CA TWA 18 DC-3 Douglas NC-17322 Snowden, John P. Bamberger, Thomas L.
441224 MI American Airlines 21 DC-3 Douglas NC-21752 Evans, Victor R. Lyons, J. Richard
441224 MI Ypsilanti Air Service _ BL-65 Taylorcraft NC-24403 Gridley, Donald J. Cramer, Eleanor
450108 Trinidad Pan American Airways 161 M-130 flying boat Martin NC-14716 Goyette, Cyril A. Cramer, Leonard W.
450110 PA All American Aviation _ SR-10C Stinson NC-22583 Holstrom, Albert E. Lingar, Lillard C.
450110 CA American Airlines 6001 DC-3 Douglas NC-25684 McCauley, Joseph R. Eitner, Robert G.
450223 VA American Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-18142 Stroud, James E. Brigman, Robert
450414 WV Pennsylvania-Central Airlines 142 DC-3 Douglas NC-25692 Jones, Harold H. Repack, William T.
450427 Washington D.C. Page Airways _ Lodestar (Army C-56E) Lockheed NC-33328 Decker, John W. Sanford, Edwin A.
450712 SC US Army _ A-26 Douglas 44-35553 Jones, Stephen G., 1Lt no co-pilot
450712 SC Eastern Airlines 45 DC-3 Douglas NC-25647 Davis, Gaston D. Martindale, Norman L.
450803 Martinique Pan American Airways 216 S-43 Sikorsky NC-15066 Shaw, Sherrill T. Hawkins, Charles T.
450907 SC Eastern Airlines 42 DC-3 Douglas NC-33631 King, John O. Kelley, Robert A.
450926 IL TWA 47 DC-3 Douglas NC-19939 (may also be NC19999) Smith, L.W. Reier, G.W.
450926 IL Jefferson Park Flying Club _ A75N1 (PT-17) Boeing NC-51445 Hodera, Frank Weber, Herman A.
451005 FL National Airlines 16 18-50 Lodestar Lockheed not given in report Corry, William M. Conrad, William H.
451011 FL National Airlines 23 18-50 Lodestar Lockheed NC-15555 Stoia, Samuel E. Blomeley, William S.
451230 NY Eastern Airlines 14 DC-3 Douglas NC-18123 Cavalier, Silvio Shirley, Raymond E.
460106 AL Pennsylvania-Central Airlines 105 DC-3 Douglas NC-21786 Paulis, Raymond Duskin, Delmar D.
460111 IN R.M. Hollingshead Corp _ DC-2 Douglas NC-39165 Taylor, Thomas H. Keller, Michael F.
460118 CT Eastern Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-19970 Kuser, Raymond E. Knight, Robert S.
460131 WY United Airlines 14 DC-3 Douglas NC-25675 Briggs, Walter Paul Atlas, Harry N.
460303 CA American Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-21799 Stoner, Samuel E. Baker, Emmett E.
460329 D.C. Transcontinental & Western Air 955 049 Constellation Lockheed NC-86510 Lewis, Samuel Brown, Robert L.
460424 CA Western Airlines 106 DC-3A Douglas NC-33621 Fidroeff, Wayne Martin Schwartzbach, Marvin
460516 VA Viking Air Transport Co _ DC-3C Douglas NC-53218 Anderson, William D. Miner, David H.
460618 CT Pan American Airways _ L-049 Constellation Lockheed NC-88858 Miller, Samuel H. Lawson, Woodrow L.
460702 IL Transcontinental & Western Air _ DC-3 Douglas NC-28383 Gracey, S.J. Conway, (R.J?difficult to read)
460711 PA Transcontinental & Western Air _ 049 Constellation Lockheed NC-86513 Brown, Richard F. Nilsen, Arthur N.
460821 IL Trans-Luxury Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-51878 Steen, James L. Fox, Marvin O.
460825 MS American Airlines 26 DC-3C Douglas NC-88826 Elder, McLemore Stehle, William C.
460826 UT US Navy _ F8F-1 Bearcat Grumman bu no. 94807 Fowler, Richard L., Commander _
460826 UT Thompson Flying Service _ _ Taylorcraft NC-39152 Nugent, Leverett _
460905 NV Trans-Luxury Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-57850 Campbell, Kenneth Leatherman, Harry T.
460912 D.C. Pennsylvania-Central Airlines _ C-54 Douglas NX-91068 Sewell, William R. Gately, Edwin
461003 Newfoundland, Canada American Overseas Airlines _ DC-4 Douglas NC-90904 Westerfield, William R. Lehr, Robert B.
461008 WY United Airlines 28 DC-4 Douglas NC-30051 Smith, Leonard L. Buchman, Jerome L.
461011 VA Eastern Airlines 564 DC-4 Douglas NC-88729 Morris, Joseph S. Zepernick, Paul K.
461012 DE Transcontinental & Western Air _ L-049 Lockheed Constellation NC-86512 Merrill, Budlong Miles Schemel, Gerhard N.
461017 WY NATS Air Transportation Service _ DC-3 Douglas NC-38942 Abernathy, R. V. Holle, Harry K.
461020 VA Lynchburg Air Transport _ 7W Spartan NC-58300 Hippert, Harry C. Burton, Preston, Dr.
461110 MS Delta Airlines 10 DC-3 Douglas NC-20750 Laube, Henry L. Crocker, P. Raymond
461111 OH United Airlines 404 DC-3A Douglas NC-19947 Brown, Fenton L. Arnold, Robert L.
461113 CA Western Air Lines 23 DC-3 Douglas NC-18645 Miller, Garrel J. Mathis, Theodore S.
461219 MD Eastern Airlines 605 DC-4 (C-54B) Douglas NC-88813 Kuhn (or Kunn), Joseph B. Brown, R. J.
461219 MD Universal Air Lines _ DC-3 (C-47) Douglas NC-54374 Norris, Henry Harvey, Eugene
461219 LA Pan American Airways 702 DC-4 Douglas NC-88897 Adger, Sidney A. Lutz, Nicholas H.
461224 CA Western Air Lines 44 DC-3 Douglas NC-45395 Sprado, George B. Weber, Richard J.
461228 IN American Airlines 2207 DC-3 Douglas NC-15577 Ham, Frank M. Ring, Harman E.
461228 Eire (Ireland) Transcontinental & Western Air 6963 49 Lockheed Constellation NC-86505 Tansey, Herbert Sparrow, Clifford
470105 NY American Airlines 203 DC-3 Douglas NC21746 Booth, John E. Hatcher, Thomas E.
470105 NJ Nationwide Air Transport Service _ DC-3C Douglas NC-50046 Sheker, Robert D. Vannoy, Percy W.
470112 VA Eastern Airlines 665 DC-3C Douglas NC-88872 Haskew, Harold N. Canepa, James J.
470214 CO Slick Airways _ C-46E Curtiss NC-59486 Hearn, Joseph C. Day, William S.
470311 Newfoundland, Canada TWA _ 049 Constellation Lockheed NC-90814 (also given as NC90714, but 90814 appears correct) not given not given
470413 OK _ _ Navion North American NC-8707H Norris, Tom Norris, Frank
470422 GA Delta Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-49657 Cushing, George R. Berry, Clayton
470422 GA _ _ BT-13 Vultee NC-55312 Russell, Joseph C. _
470508 VA Capital Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-11917 Hawes, Richard Balog, Milton J.
470511 NJ Transcontinental & Western Air _ 049 Constellation Lockheed NC-86508 Weeks, Robert Eugene McKeirnan, Patrick Steven
470526 FL _ _ J-3-C-65 Piper NC-88624 Hastings, George C. Hartwell, John R.
470529 NY United Airlines 521 C-54B-DC Douglas NC-30046 Baldwin, Benton R. Sands, Robert E.
470530 MD Eastern Airlines 605 DC-4 (C-54B) Douglas NC-88814 Coney, William E. Willingham, R.V.
470613 WV Pennsylvania-Central Airlines 410 DC-4 Douglas NC-88842 Stark, Horace Creekmore, R.N.
470618 Syria Pan American Airways 121 049 Constellation Lockheed NC-88845 Hart, Joseph H. McCoy, Robert S.
470713 FL Burke Air Transport _ DC-3C Douglas NC-79024 Hein, Henry MacKinnon, Roderick
470802 CA Australian National Airways _ DC-4 Douglas VH-ANE Gibbes, P.J. McFadden, K.
470808 NY American Airlines _ DC-3C Douglas NX-88787 Davidson, William A. Zundel, Walter R.
470821 UT Slick Airways _ C-46E Curtiss NC-59488 Vaughan, Marvin G. Humes, Robert F.
470827 MO Mizzou Flying Club _ 11AC Aeronca NC-9177E Richardson, Jesse E. Baumann, A.C.
470903 VA _ _ 10A Stinson NC-32246 Kirchman, Ferdinand Brady, Agnes L.
470903 VA Falls Church Air Park Co. _ 7AC Aeronca NC-83596 Sauerwein, William G. _
470917 CA Slick Airways _ C-46 Curtiss-Wright NC-59495 Olark, Gilbert R. Neitert, John W.
470920 NY Pan American Airways 131 C-54B-DC Douglas NC-88911 Gregg, Carl Robinson, Warren
471008 TX American Airlines 311 DC-4 Douglas NC-90432 Sisto, Charles R. Logan, Melvin D.
471014 Atlantic Ocean American International Airways _ 314 Boeing NC-18612 Martin, Charles M. Thompson, Addison
471024 UT United Airlines _ DC-6 Douglas NC-37510 McMillan, E.L. Griesbach, G.G.
471026 AK Pan American 923 DC-4A Douglas NC-88920 Monsen, Alf N. Foster, Laurence A.
471028 OR _ _ Bonanza Beechcraft NC-2978V Hogue, Clifford W. Snell, Earl (Governor of Oregon)
471111 NM American Airlines 10 DC-6 Douglas NC-90741 Chatfield, E.W. Brown, V.B.
471118 DE Transcontinental & Western Air _ L-049 Lockheed Constellation NC-86507 Winkler, Francis Kennedy, Virgil
471127 AK Columbia Air Cargo _ DC-3 Douglas NC-95486 Haworth, J.B. Keranen, Toiro A.
471130 WA Alaska Airlines _ C-54A Douglas NC-91009 Farris, James E. Whitting, Richard F.
480107 GA Coastal Air Lines _ DC-3C Douglas NC-60331 Antonioli, Aldino A. Eick, Raymond
480113 MD Eastern Airlines 572 DC-3 Douglas NC-28384 Saltanis, Paul J. Sanborn, Ralph
480121 CO Civil Aeronautics Administration _ DC-3 Douglas NC-206 Snavely, Fred L. Lungstrum, Warren L.
480121 MA Eastern Airlines 604 649 Lockheed NC-111A Thayer, M.E. Smith, R.B.
480128 CA Airline Transport Carriers _ DC-3C Douglas NC-36480 Atkinson, Francis C. Ewing, Marion Harlow
480207 GA Eastern Airlines 611 649 Lockheed Constellation NC-112A Johnson, W.E. Burstrom, R.G.
480225 OH Bruning Aviation _ DC-3C Douglas NC-36498 DeCicco, Peter J. Cole, Jack R.
480308 CA Eagle Air Freight _ DC-3C Douglas NC-64722 Griecel, George S. Grund, William F.
480310 IL Delta Airlines 705 DC-4 (C-54B) Douglas NC-37478 Holloway, Grover L. Disosway, John S.
480312 AK Northwest Airlines 4422 DC-4 Douglas NC-95422 Van Cleef, J. G. Petry, R.G.
480320 PA _ _ V-1A Vultee NC-22077 Burlingame, Herman F. _
480324 Gold Coast, Africa Pan American Airways 150 Constellation Lockheed NC-88833 McCullough, A.L. not given
480404 PA Holt Flying Service _ 7AC Aeronca NC-82122 Meredith, Arden C. Meyers, Francis P.
480404 PA Holt Flying Service _ 7AC Aeronca NC-82619 Byham, Fred C. _
480415 Eire Pan American Airways _ Constellation Model 49 Lockheed NC-88858 Jakel, F. C. Henson, C.M.
480516 OH Slick Airways _ C46-E Curtiss-Wright NC-59489 McCauley, William R. Foote, Jack R.
480612 AZ Eagle Air Freight _ DC-3C Douglas NC-79042 Dobson, John R. Leslie, John B.
480617 PA United Airlines 624 DC-6 Douglas NC-37506 Warner, George, Jr. Schember, Richard C.
480627 GA Johnston Aircrat Corp _ M-62-A Fairchild NC-46363 Allen, Charles R. Taylor, Carolyn
480829 MN Northwest Airlines 421 202 Martin NC-93044 Johnson, Robert L. Brenner, David F.
480905 KS Stinson Flying Club _ 108-3 Stinson NC-953C Zimmerman, Reverend Walter B. _
480908 FL National Airlines 72 DC-4 Douglas NC-33682 Morse, M.J. Leyshon, W.G.
480920 VT Colonial Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-17335 Burke, Richard W. Nowak, Edward
480927 GA _ _ 140 Cessna NC-76034 Wood, Virgil K. _
481027 Edmonton, Canada Northwest Airlines 6427 DC-4 Douglas NC-88785 Christian, Benjamin W. Upham, Harry C.
481104 WA Pacific Alaska Air Express _ DC-3C Douglas NC-66637 Kinnear, Andrew R. Wilson, Richard A.
481125 CA TWA 211 Constellation Model 49 Lockheed NC-90824 Lewis, Evans Pierson, Leon R.
481203 NM American Airlines 183 DC-6 Douglas NC-90733 not given not given
481204 WI Reynolds Brothers, Inc _ Bonanza Beechcraft NC-80459 Reynolds, Karl _
481209 Cuba Pan American 428 240 Convair NC-90665 Schuhart, Thuel V. Brotherton, Henry W.
481228 FL Airborne Transport, Inc _ DC-3 Douglas NC-16002 Linquist, Robert E. Hill, E.E.
481228 TN Piedmont Airlines 21 DC-3D Douglas NC-37468 Hutcheson, Herndon H. Craig, James A.
490102 WA Seattle Air Charter _ DC-3C Douglas NC-79025 Chavers, G.W. Love, K.A.
490106 MD Coastal Cargo Co _ DC-3A Douglas NC-53210 Morrill, Stuart L. Catz, Theodore
490120 AK Alaska Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-91006 Land, Rector D. Stevens, Robert N.
490121 CA Los Angeles Airways 224 S-51 Sikorsky NC-92812 Slemmons, Harry A. _
490130 NY Pan American 100 L-749 Lockheed Constellation NC-86530 Knuth, George F. Wade, Malcolm S.
490130 NY _ _ 140 Cessna NC-76891 Dutting, Arthur _
490302 Newfoundland Transcontinental & Western Air 924 DC-4 Douglas NC-34537 Saylor, Frank C. Carey, J.E.
490303 PA Capital Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-25689 Fretwell, Ralph A. Stookey, W.B.
490313 LA Chicago and Southern Airlines 500 DC-4 Douglas NC-53102 Davidson, Lloyd Rowe Payne, Jack Dillard
490326 IL American Airlines _ DC-6 Douglas NC-90736 Wonsey, Ray D. Schmidt, H.D.
490423 PA _ _ _ Ercoupe CF-GLZ House, Glen W. _
490511 WV All American Airways _ SR-10-C Stinson NC-18488 Burkhart, William B. Steinbrenner, William J.
490607 PR Strato-Frieght _ C-46A Curtiss-Wright NC-92857 Cockrill, Alfred Connell, John
490622 TN American Airlines 402 240 Convair N-94266 Hatch, Edwin H. Lundeen, Norman E.
490712 CA Standard Airways _ C-46-E Curtiss-Wright N-79978 White, Roy G. Tucker, Harold
490719 WA Air Transport Associates _ C-46F Curtiss N-5075N Edgerton, Merle Gjessing, Anthony
490730 NJ US Navy _ F6F-5 Hellcat Grumman 72887 Poe, Robert V., Lt (jg) _
490730 NJ Eastern Airlines 557 DC-3 Douglas NC-19963 Matthews, L.R. Simmons, J.B.
490807 WI Capital Airlines 19 DC-3 Douglas NC-45379 Bolick, Jack N. Davis, L.F.
490807 WI Civil Aeronautics Administration _ 140 Cessna N-3198N Rapps, Arthur _
490811 ME Northeast Airlines _ 240 Convair NC-91241 Cote, Roderick O. Wightman, Henry B.
490815 Ireland Transocean Air Lines _ DC-4 (C-54A) Douglas N-79998 Bessey, Edward C. Hall, Richard
490910 MI USAF (Michigan ANG) _ A-26 Invader Douglas 43-22399 Keisel, Kenneth G., LT Shields, John L., TSGT
490910 MI _ _ _ Aeronca N-47123 Nevills, Lacy _
491001 CA Mercer Enterprises _ T-50 (UC-78) Cessna N-61503 Hayter, James L. _
491009 WY Slick Airways _ C-46E Curtiss NC-59485 Settle, Ralph E. Seebers, Robert W.
491101 D.C. Eastern Airlines 537 DC-4 (C-54B) Douglas N-88727 Ray, George Hazelwood, Charles R.
491101 D.C. Bolivian Army Purchasing Commision _ P-38 Lockheed NX-26927 Bridoux, Erick Rios _
491104 OH Harrington's INC _ DC-3 Douglas NC-29086 Harrington, James R. Franklin, John E.
491119 MI Meteor Air Transport _ DC-3 Douglas NC-54337 Dede, Arthur A. Morrow, Gus F.
491128 TX American Airlines 157 DC-6 Douglas N-90728 Claude, Laurene Lewis, Robert E.
491207 CA California Arrow Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas NC-60256 Garnett, James S Dillon, Joseph Mead
491212 D.C. Capital Airlines 500 DC-3 Douglas NC-25691 Davis, William J. Porter, Lloyd L.
491218 IL Transcontinental & Western Air 154 Model 49-46 Lockheed Constellation NC-86501 Kasper, Stanley M. Shively, Hubert C.
500122 FL Hicks-Kesler Flying Service _ 140 Cessna N2923N Faries (or Farles), Charles L. Hodges, Lewis W.
500122 FL Sunny South Aircraft Service _ PA-11 Cub Piper N4545M Lohr, George A. Reese, Fred W.
500307 MN Northwest Airlines 307 202 Martin N-93050 Jones, Donald B. McGinn, William T.
500428 CA _ _ BT-15 Consolidated Vultee NC-63418 Lowry, Nelson W. _
500430 KS Moritz Flying Service _ 7AC Champion Aeronca N2427E Scott, Roland O. _
500430 KS Moritz Flying Service _ 15AC Sedan Aeronca N1086H Rivers, Wilmer L. Rawson, Gerald
500527 NJ Regina Cargo Airlines _ C-46F Curtiss-Wright N-9406H Sinayi, John A. Lawson, Ellis
500605 FL Westair Transport _ C-46F Curtiss-Wright N-1248N Halsey, Joe M. Holleran, William
500609 Columbia New Tribes Mission _ DC-3 Douglas N-16030 Wetherald, William P. Kimbell, David P.
500623 MI Northwest Airlines 2501 C-54A-DC Douglas N-95425 Lind, Robert C. Wolfe, Verne F.
500730 CO Flying Tiger Line _ C-46F Curtiss-Wright N-67960 Robins, Douglas K. Treft, Cleo Monte
500822 CO American Airlines 14 DC-6 Douglas N-90705 Baker, Robert K. Reinicke, Robert
500831 Egypt Transworld Airline 903 749A-79 Lockheed Constellation N-6004C Webb, Walton B. Hammitt, H.J.
500904 NY Robinson Airlines 32 DC-3 Douglas N-18936 Carter, Harold L. Llewellyn, Frank A.
500904 MT Northwest Airlines 103 202 Martin N-93051 Bortles, Ira Johnson, Brooks
501002 D.C. National Airlines _ C-46 Curtiss-Wright N-1661M Sutor, Thomas M> Denton, Robert R.
501010 FL Eastern Airlines 604 749A-79 Lockheed Constellation N-104A Dorsett, F.L. Rivenbark, H.R.
501013 MN Northwest Airlines _ 202 Martin NC-93037 Galt, John R. Render, Ray
501107 MT Northwest Airlines 115 202 Martin N-93040 Lampman, Lloyd G. Huff, James A.
510103 England Pan American _ 377 Boeing N-1036V McCullough, A.L. Livers, J.A.
510104 IL Monarch Air Service 1090 C-46D Curtiss-Wright N-79982 Staddon, Marvin C. Howarth, Arthur J.
510114 PA National Airlines 83 DC-4 Douglas N-74685 Barwick, Howell C. Zatarain, Edward J.
510116 WA Northwest Airlines 115 202 Martin N-93054 Rickman, Lloyd M. Gander, Edmond John
510227 OK Mid-Continent Airlines _ 240 Convair N90664 Walters, Paul C. Hull, Forrest A.
510302 IA Mid-Continent Airlines 16 DC-3A Douglas N-19928 Graham, James H. Toler, Philip K.
510318 MN Northwest Airlines 108 DC-4 Douglas N-95426 Franklin, Toy W. Keller, Archie C.
510319 AZ Transworld Airline 59 749 Lockheed Constellation N-91202 Converse, Laurence F. Nuetzel, Henry B.
510406 CA Southwest Airlines _ DC-3C (C-47A) Douglas N-63439 Pittman, Knox L. Erichsen, Robert J.
510425 FL Compania Cubana de Aviacion 493 DC-4 (C-54B) Douglas CU-T188 Bazan, Javier Z. Pacheco, Jesus F.
510425 FL U.S. Navy _ SNB-5 Beechcraft 39939 Stuart, Robert L., Lt. (jg) Bardsley, Eugene S., Ensign
510428 IN United Airlines 129 DC-3 Douglas N-16088 Swallow, Eugene K. Miller, Herman R.
510521 NJ National Airlines _ DC-6 Douglas N-90896 Southard, Dale H. Webster, William R.
510622 Liberia Pan American 151 L-049 Lockheed Constellation N-88846 Crawford, F.J. Alcock, G.A.
510630 CO United Airlines 610 DC-6A Douglas N37543 Appleby, J.R. Tower, H.G.
510719 VA Eastern Airlines 601 L749 Lockheed Constellation N-119A Armstrong, John B. Davis, William C.
510824 CA United Airlines 615 DC-6B Douglas N-37550 Hedden, Marion W. Jewett, George A.
510902 Jamaica Pan American 507 CV-240 Convair N-90662 Olsen, John Wright, George O.
510912 CA United Airlines _ 377 Boeing N-31230 Angstadt, Frederick S. Worthington, Hugh C.
510914 FL Eastern Airlines _ DC-4 Douglas N-75415 McDonough, A.C. Reubert, J.F.
510915 CO Rocky Mountain Air Shows _ N2T-1 Timm (experimental) N-56308 Jones, Norman L., 1Lt. (USAF) _
510916 IL Peninsular Air Transport 108 C-46D Curtiss-Wright N-74689 Mountain, Bernard J. Tracy, Robert L.
511105 NM Transocean Air Lines _ 202 Martin N93039 Hamilton, Alec S. Ingram, Henry N.
511117 CA Overseas National Airways _ DC-4 Douglas N-79992 Click, Marion Harvey Garrard, Hammond
511117 CA California Eastern Airways _ DC-4 Douglas N-4002B Shope, Ralph A. Kinner, Winfield B.
511127 FL Eastern Airlines 167 DC-3 Douglas N25646 Bishop, James E. Meder, Robert E.
511127 Fl Air Force CAP _ L4-J Piper _ Macy, John H. _
511204 CO United Airlines _ DC-3A Douglas N-17109 Kocher, Jordan D. Wilson, Laurance G.
511216 NJ Miami Airlines _ C-46F Curtiss-Wright N-1678M Lyons, Albert C. Mason, John R.
511220 Canada Robin Airlines _ C-46E Curtiss-Wright N-59487 Smelser, Bruce L. O'Leary, Edgar T.
511229 NY Continental Charters _ C-46A (appears to be US Army serial 42-96804) Curtiss-Wright N-3944C Harris, Victor A. Rutzebeck, Hans E.
511230 AK Transocean Airlines _ C-46F Curtiss-Wright N-68963 Warren, Robert R. Irwin, Richard V.
520112 AK General Airways 785 DC-3C Douglas N-41748 McGuire, Burton L. Simpson, George A.
520114 NY Northeast Airlines 801 CV-240 Convair N-91238 March, A.V.R. Briggs, Austin E.
520119 BC Northwest Airlines 324 DC-4 Douglas N-45342 Pfaffinger, John J. Kuhn, Kenneth H.
520122 NJ American Airlines 6780 240 Convair N-94229 Reid, Thomas J. Ludicello, Lawrence S.
520211 NJ National Airlines 101 DC-6 Douglas N-90891 Foster, W.G. St. Clair, C.E.
520326 KS Braniff Airways 65 DC-4 (C-54A) Douglas N-65143 Stanford, J.W. Beakley, J.P.
520405 NY U.S. Airlines _ C-46F Curtiss-Wright N-1911M Crockett, William B., Jr. Woerderhoff, Jack L.
520411 PR Pan American _ DC-4 Douglas N-88899 Burn, John C. Hutchins, W.T.
520418 CA Robin Airlines _ C-46 Curtiss-Wright N-8404C Powell, Lewis R. Waldron, Charles K.
520429 Brazil Pan American 202 377 Boeing N-1039V Grossarth, Albert Penn, L.A., Jr.
520512 KS Mintor Construction Company _ 140 Cessna N-72505 Middlemass, John C. _
520628 TX American Airlines 910 DC-6 Douglas N90750 Woolweaver, G.H. Poe, James R.
520628 TX _ _ GC 1B Temco Swift N3858K Brower, Paul W. Walker, Don E.
520727 Brazil Pan American 201 377 Boeing N-1030V Fly, George L. Sylvester, R.A.
520804 FL _ _ C-46A Curtiss-Wright N-79096 Smith, Robert E. Goodman, John N.
520821 NE Flying Tiger Line 165 C-46F Curtiss-Wright N-67983 Clark, R.G. Burke, C.E.
520821 IN Lake Central Airlines _ Bonanza A-35 Beech N-8765A Haas, Jerry H. _
520831 AZ Unit Export Company _ C46F Curtiss-Wright N-1688M Rothstein, Harold Roberts, Harold M.
521020 NC Piedmont Airlines 20 DC-3C Douglas N-65384 Cox, William W. Lineback, Kenneth C.
521207 NV Trans World Airlines 35 1049 Lockheed N-6904C Kravitz, Irving S. Hager, J.S.
521215 IN Lake Central Airlines 21 DC-3 Douglas N-21716 Prose, Valentine L. Payton, Neal D.
521215 IN Cessna Aircraft Co _ 170 Cessna N-3131B Graves, Sherman S. _
530107 WA Flying Tiger Line 841 DC-4 (C-54B) Douglas N-86574 Greber, C. E. Merrill, B. M.
530107 ID Associated Air Transport _ C-46F Curtiss N-1648M Crawford, Lawrence B. Perkins, Maxwell F.
530206 NY Northeast Airlines 825 CV 240-13 Convair N-91239 Marsh, Alva V. R. Rooney, Eugene P.
530214 AL National Airlines 470 DC-6 Douglas N-90893 Springer, Ernest A. Stettner, Christopher T.
530303 IL Eastern Airlines 104 L-1049 Lockheed Constellation N-6214C Brack, David W. Lucas, Nelson R.
530304 CT Slick Airways _ C-46F Curtiss N-4717N Bielak, John Elliot, Jefferson R.
530320 CA Transocean Air Lines 942 DC-4 Douglas N-88942 Rodgers, Harvey W. Hum, Herman E.
530414 WA Miami Airlines _ DC-3C Douglas N65743 Lerette, Albert J. Harshman, William E.
530420 CA Western Air Lines 636 DC-6B Douglas N-91303 Clark, Robert E. Jacobson, Robert C.
530423 WA American Air Transport _ C-46F Curtiss N-1693M Booska, Maurice A. Dwelley, Donald F.
530517 TX Delta Airlines 318 DC-3 Douglas N-28345 Volk, Douglas B. Stewart, James P.
530522 IA Resort Airlines _ C-46F Curtiss N-1669M Marshall, Bowen F. Aronson, Samuel B.
530524 MO Meteor Air Transport _ DC-3C Douglas N53596 Rankin, Ernest J. Carr, Harold
530629 CA Western Air Lines _ DC-3A Douglas N-15569 Johnson, Robert V. Williams, William E.
530712 Pacific Ocean Transocean Airlines 512 DC-6A Douglas N90806 Word, William L. Hudson, H. A.
530826 IN United Air Lines 314 340 Convair N73133 Brubaker, Lewis H. Olsen, Charles E.
530826 IN American Airlines 714 240 Convair N94269 Davison, Dwight W. Haag, William M.
530901 WA Regina Cargo Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas N-19941 Jones, Eugene Dorsett, Glenn W.
530906 WA Northwest Airlines _ L-1049 Lockheed Constellation N-6214C Bird, Russell M. Moore, Dale
530916 NY American Airlines 723 240 Convair N-94255 Stentz, James W. Schanken, W. J.
530928 KY Resort Airlines _ C-46F Curtiss N-66534 Moller, W. E. Pickel, J. D.
531019 NY Eastern Airlines 627 L-749 Lockheed Constellation N-119A Foxworth, Cecil C. Engle, Elwin M.
531029 CA British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines _ DC-6 Douglas VHBPE (VH-BPE) Dickson, B. M. Campbell, F. A.
531206 Pacific Ocean Pan American World Airways _ 377 Boeing N90947 Kelley, Elmer G. Newby, Luther B.
540110 CA Fullerton Oil Company _ A-26B Invader Douglas N65Y Thayer, David Bassett, Larry
540110 LA Union Producing Company _ G-73 Mallard Grumman N4949N Huddleston, W. C. Schexnaydre, Louis R.
540111 SD Regina Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas N-28392 Lewis, R. L. Wilna (or Wilno), A. D.
540120 NY American Airlines 767 240 Convair N-94244 Hilborn, Charles A. Ryan, John A.
540120 MO Zantop Flying Service _ DC-3A Douglas N-49551 Speaks, William D. Kaselak, Edward F.
540215 Ireland Pan American World Airways 70 DC-6B Douglas N6531C Beall Merryman
540226 WY Western Air Lines 34 240 Convair N-8407H Cawley, M. R. Crowther, R. E.
540228 TN Piedmont Airlines 83 DC-3D Douglas N-43V Tackenberg, Walter H. Bachan, Thomas A.
540316 TX Continental Airlines 46 340 Convair N-90853 Persing, Herbert E. Bauer, Robert B.
540325 IL Trans World Airlines 411 404 Martin N-40416 Sparrow, Clifford V. Fowler, Raymond B.
540329 OH Pacific Lumber Company _ B-23 Dragon Douglas N67000 Hall, Burr E. Kaufeld, J. Phillip
540615 OK Great Lakes Airlines 146 C-54G Douglas N30070 Pedesky, Charles F. MacDonald, Frank J.
540615 GA Delta-C&S Air Lines _ DC-3 Douglas N51359 Farnsworth, Herbert G. Kammer, Richard C.
540627 OH American Airlines 572 240 Convair N94236 Pollard, J. C. Myrick, James S.
540627 OH US Navy _ SNB-2C Navigator Beech 23773 Hoerath, John R., LtCmndr Edgar, Donald, LtCmndr
540803 CT Air France 75 1049C Constellation Lockheed FBGNA Caboche, Jean Rousseau, Jean
540822 IA Braniff Airways 152 DC-3C Douglas N61451 Pickering, William A. Wilde, William B.
540913 IN Trans World Airlines 521 404 Martin N-40441 Wielt, Bud Edward Skiba, Joseph Bernard
541104 AK Alaska Coastal Airlines 60 G-44 Grumman N-67794 Rinehart, James C. _
541105 CT John Fox _ 18-56 Lodestar (ex-US Navy R5O-5, c/n 2353) Lockheed N-9201H MacKenzie, John K. Welch, Whitney H.
541112 FL National Airlines 38 Lodestar L 18-50 Lockheed N-19911 Whittaker, Sherrel P. Alderson, Richard E.
541120 VA Plymouth Oil Company _ PV-1 Ventura Lockheed N1505V Soper, Arthur M. Kolodzie, Joseph R.
541130 NH Northeast Airlines 792 DC-3 Douglas N-17891 Carey, W. P. McCormick, George D.
541202 LA Petroleum Helicopters _ S-55 Sikorsky N-737A Allen, Alvin D. Bicknell, Richard F.
541212 AK Pacific Northern Airlines 12 DC-3 Douglas N-34970 Schofield, C. R. Schutte, E. G.
541217 WI Miller Brewing Company _ Model B-34 Ventura (PV-1) Lockheed N-44M Laird, Joseph J. Laird, Paul
541218 NY Italian Airlines 451 DC-6B Douglas I-LINE (ILINE) Algarotti, Guglielmo Bortignoni, Vittorio
541218 NY Sangamo Electric Co. _ Lodestar Lockheed N-711SE Armstrong, Orvil R. High, Chester M.
541222 PA Johnson Flying Service _ DC-3C Douglas N-24320 Poe, Harold A. Grekowicz, Joseph J.
550110 FL National Airlines _ 18-50 Lodestar Lockheed N-33369 Hope, Marshall Graham, George R.
550112 KY Castleton Inc. _ DC-3C Douglas nc-93037 Workhaven, Arthur A. _
550112 KY Trans World Airlines 694 202A Martin N-93211 Quinn, James W. Childress, Robert K.
550119 IA United Airlines 329 340 (CV-340-13) Convair N-73154 Andreason, Earl W. Boyle, Thomas D.
550219 NM Trans World Airlines 260 404 Martin N-40416 Spong, Ivan R. Creason, Jesse J.
550303 CA unknown _ PBY-5A Consolidated Vultee ZPCBB unknown unknown
550320 MO American Airlines 711 CV-240 Convair N-94234 Pripish, John Walker, Glenn E.
550326 OR Pan American _ 377 Boeing N1032V Joslyn, H.S. Kendrick, Angus G.
550404 NY United Airlines _ DC-6 Douglas N-37512 Dozier, Henry M. Webb, Vernis H.
550531 NH Northeast Airlines 568 DC-3 Douglas N-19942 Schofield, Parker F. Blouin, C. Peter
550712 KS Trans World Airlines 323 DC-3 Douglas N-51167 Orr, Henry D Horon, Robert L
550712 KS Baker Flying Service _ 140A Cessna N-1158D Jones, Thomas D Rempel, Samuel H
550713 NY Port of New York Authority _ Model 47G Bell N-942B Chevalier, Marcel Truss, Arthur
550715 WA Northwest Airlines 610 DC-3 Douglas N-45333 Taylor, Lavern L. Craven, Homer H., Jr.
550717 IL Braniff Airways 560 340 Convair N-3422 Tobin, Allen R. Hanks, Orbin W.
550804 MO American Airlines 476 CV-240 Convair N-94221 Barron, Hugh C. Gates, William G.
550805 IL Northwest Airlines 410 377 Boeing N-74601 Stone, George A. Gray, Ralph T.
550829 NM Continental Airlines 114 DC-3 Douglas N-18945 Thompson, John R. Edwards, Malcolm
550829 NM Hines Flying Service _ PA-22-135 Piper N-3334B Aishman, Otha D. _
550908 CA Currey Air Transport 24 DC-3C Douglas N-74663 Bradsher, Joseph A. Dutson, Keith C.
550924 Pacific Ocean Flying Tiger Line _ DC-4 (C-54A) Douglas N-90433 Machado, Anthony J. Gin, Warren F.
551003 OK Great Lakes Carbon Corporation _ A-26C Douglas N67148 Whitney, Joseph W. McBride, John E.
551006 WY United Airlines 409 C-54B-DC Douglas N-30062 Cooke, Clinton C. Salisbury, Ralph D.
551017 CA _ _ C-35 Beech Bonanza N5825C Thorne, Joel W. _
551101 CO United Airlines 629 DC-6B Douglas N-37559 Hall, Lee H. White, Donald A.
551117 WA Peninsular Air Transport _ C-54-DC Douglas N-88852 McDougall, W. J. Hall, F. C.
551217 SC Riddle Airlines _ C-46F (converted from C-46A) Curtiss-Wright N-9904F Lohr, George Albert Glendon, Richard John
551221 FL Eastern Airlines 642 L-749A Lockheed Constellation N-112A McBrien, Thomas F. Rinyu, John J.
551228 Italy Pan American World Airways 65 DC-7B Douglas N-776PA Reedy, A. D. Box, W. J.
551229 OH Gulf Oil Corporation _ 18-56 Lodestar Lockheed N-33366 Silva, Gordon W. Cotton, Lloyd L.
560115 WV Eastern Airlines 175 404 Martin N487A Moore, Robert C. Lane, James L.
560126 NY Swiflite Aircraft Corp _ PV-1 Ventura Lockheed N2000C Malloy, Bernard J. Hamberg, Raymond
560217 KY Eastern Airlines 156 404 Martin N445A Hard, Charles R. Rozman, Raymond F.
560220 IL Capital Airlines 141 Viscount model 744 Vickers N7404 Taylor, Roger H. Hanst, George R.
560226 WA West Coast Airlines 97 DC-3 Douglas N62374 Whithed, Houghton H. Klein, Alfred R.
560329 ME Northeast Airlines 124 240 Convair N90659 Chaves, Ayres R. Lebewohl, Robert A.
560401 PA Trans World Airlines 400 404 Martin N40403 McQuade, Raymond F. Jesperson, Harlan V.
560402 WA Northwest Airlines _ 377 Boeing N74608 Heard, Robert R. Johnson, Gene P.
560409 AK Cordova Airlines _ Model 520 Aero Commander N5386N Waide, John A. _
560515 IN Crane Company _ PV-1 Ventura Lockheed N64001 Mulherin, Randolph A. Robinette, Robert H.
560607 PA TWA 509 404 Martin N40428 Gracy, Salvatore J. LeDuc, Donald W.
560613 NC Piedmont Airlines _ DC-3C Douglas N45V Slaughter, Baxter B. Schulze, Henry A.
560630 AZ Trans World Airlines _ 1049A Constellation Lockheed N-6902C Gandy, Jack S. Ritner, James H.
560630 AZ United Airlines 718 DC-7 Douglas N-6324C Shirley, Robert F. Harms, Robert W.
560709 MI Trans-Canada Air Lines 304 Viscount Vickers-Armstrongs CF-TGR Smuck, R. D. Adamson, A. C.
560808 FL United Heckathorn/Sky Spray _ C-82A Packet (USAAF serial# 44-23026) Fairchild N4832V Day, Charles W. Howry, Rae F.
560829 AK Canadian Pacific Airlines 307 DC-6B Douglas CF-CUP Tweed, Thornton A. Iverson, Phillip D.
560909 OK Continental Airlines 190 DC-3A Douglas N33315 Richards, Bennes M. Deshurley, John R.
560909 OK _ _ 170B Cessna N8143A Folk, James L. _
561002 AK Alaska Airlines 701 AT-19 Stinson N79069 Hutchinson, John D. _
561016 Pacific Ocean Pan American World Airways _ 377 Boeing N90943 Ogg, Richard N. Haaker, George L.
561115 NV TWA 163 404 Martin N40404 deFabry, Arthur G. Rapattoni, James P.
561212 OK Phillips Petroleum Company _ Lodestar model 18-14 Lockheed N28366 Bower, Joe M. Ulrich, Robert E.
570106 OK American Airlines 327 240-0 Convair N94247 Mims, Wesley G. Johnson, Paul H.
570131 CA Douglas Aircraft Corp _ DC-7B Douglas N8210H Carr, William G. Twitchell, Archie R.
570131 CA US Air Force _ F-89J (converted from F-89D) Northrop USAF serial 52-1870A Owen, Roland E. (Nothrop test pilot) Adams, Curtiss A.(Northrop electronic checkout man)
570201 NY Northeast Airlines 823 DC-6A Douglas N34954 Marsh, Alva V. R. Dixwell, Basil S.
570302 WA Alaska Airlines 100 C-54B-DC Douglas N90449 Currie, Lawrence F. Edwards, Lyle O.
570305 TN American Airlines 87 DC-7 Douglas N316AA Hansard, Leroy T. Crimmins, Adrian B.
570310 KY Eastern Airlines 181 404 Martin N453A Chambers, Clarence G. Bingham, Harold D.
570421 AZ Frontier Airlines _ DC-3C Douglas N65276 Welling, Dale R. Wrasse, Herman B.
570621 NY Flying Tiger Line _ DC-6A Douglas N34953 Thomas, Gregory P. Seamans, William H.
570622 MD Capital Airlines _ C-47A Douglas N88835 Burke, Carl R. Podgurski, Henry A.
570710 AK C. R. Vose Company _ Lodestar model 18-56 Lockheed N45378 Coligny, Edward Hughes, Ralph L.
570725 CA Western Air Lines 39 240-1 Convair N8406H Shirk, Milton L. Oberg, Seth M.
570821 CA American Airlines 801 DC-6A Douglas N90782 Moore, Michael M. Haines, McKinley
570823 PA Hycon Aerial Surveys _ P-38L Lockheed N69902 (US Army serial 44-53180) Mendoza, Gilbert McPherson, John L.
570915 MA Northeast Airlines 285 DC-3 Douglas N34417 Pitts, Vincent L. Sweetland, Roger W.
571002 VA Piedmont Airlines 85 DC-3C Douglas N3947A Kelly, Howard C. Kozak, Fred
571006 PA Standard Oil Company _ Lodestar 18-56 Lockheed N80G Noonan, Warren F. Krauss, Theodore O.
571019 NY New York Airways _ 47H Bell N2492B Rushton, Richard D. _
571029 MA Scandinavian Airlines 912 DC-7C Douglas OY-KNB Herfjord, Kaare Falkenberg-Nielsen, Erik
571109 Pacific Ocean Pan American World Airways _ 377 ("Clipper 944") Boeing N90944 Brown, Gordon H. Wygant, William P.
571114 NY Eastern Airlines 18 404 Martin N492A Harpham, Joseph W. Casper, Robert
571220 FL Riddle Airlines _ C-46R Curtiss N3944C (appears to be US Army serial 42-96804) McLendon, Otis E. Crocker, Sheldon A.
580201 LA Humble Oil and Refining Company _ S-58B Sikorsky N861 Eskridge, Edgar E. Morgan, Donald R.
580213 CA Western Air Lines 19 240 Convair N8405H Schumacher, Richard E. LeBel, James R.
580301 CT American Airlines 535 240 Convair N94213 Johnson, Edward W. Paquette, Norman A.
580322 NM Michael Todd Company, Inc _ Lodestar model 18-56 Lockheed N300E Verner, William S. Barclay, Thomas
580325 FL Braniff Airways 971 DC-7C Douglas N5904 George, Thomas D. Winthrop, John C.
580406 MI Capital Airlines 67 Viscount model 700D Vickers-Armstrongs N7437 Hull, William J. Binkley, Earle M.
580421 NV United Airlines 736 DC-7 Douglas N6328C Ward, Duane M. Sommers, Arlin Edward
580421 NV USAF _ F-100F North American 56-3755 Coryell, Thomas N. Moran, Gerald D.
580520 MD Capital Airlines 300 Viscount model 745 Vickers N7410 Brady, Kendall J. Meyer, Paul F.
580520 MD USAF (Maryland ANG) _ T-33A Lockheed USAF serial 53-5966 McCoy, Julius R., Captain _
580604 WV Capital Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas N49553 Tomkins, Leighton R. Kinne, James B.
580722 AR Central Flying Service _ Travel Air Model 95 Beechcraft N819B Hill, Willis D. McClellan, James H.
580815 MA Northeast Airlines 258 240 Convair N90670 Burnham, John T. Carey, David C.
580820 AK Alaska Coastal Airlines 38 G-21A Goose Grumman N4774C Dawson, John B. _
580823 CO Frontier Airlines 73 DC-3C Douglas N64424 Langhofer, James R. Lockwood, Donald L.
580828 MN Northwest Orient Airlines 537 DC-6B Douglas N575 Wilkinson, James McGinness, Verner J.
580923 DE _ _ PA-22-150 Piper _ Miller, William W. _
581110 NY Seaboard & Western Airlines _ L-1049D Lockheed Constellation N-6503C Van Nuys, Henry B. Neary, Ralph C.
581110 NY Trans-Canada Air Lines _ Viscount Vickers-Armstrongs CF-TGL _ _
581202 LA Petroleum Helicopters _ Alouette II Republic N-526 McCann, Robert E. _
581215 RI Johnson & Johnson _ Learstar Lockheed N-37500 Sable, Alex S. Luidvinaitus, Edward F.
590108 TN Southeast Airlines 308 DC-3A Douglas N18941 Gollmier, Robert L. Irwin, Robert M.
590117 FL Eastern Airlines 704 1049G Lockheed N-6240G Rush, James W. Harkless, Robert P.
590201 TX General Airways _ DC-3 Douglas N17314 Epps, Woodrow O. Hitt, Harvey
590203 NY American Airlines 320 Electra L-188 Lockheed N6101A DeWitt, Albert H. Hlavacek, Frank S.
590203 Atlantic Ocean Pan American World Airways 115 707 Boeing N712PA Lynch, W. Waldo Peters, Samuel
590315 IL American Airlines 2815 240 Convair N94273 Larsen, Lawrence W. Kinne, Kenneth W.
590330 GA Riddle Airlines 402 C-46R Curtiss N7840B Nesselhaus, Eugene P. Gillespie, Robert H.
590506 D.C. Eastern Airlines 609 DC-7B Douglas N824D Smith, C. J. Sidletski, R. W.
590512 WV Capital Airlines 983 Constellation Model L-049 (49E-46) Lockheed N2735A Ohm, Richard V. Spoth, Charles V.
590512 MD Capital Airlines 75 Viscount model 745D Vickers-Armstrongs N7463 Paddack, William C. Flahaven, Michael J.
590626 Italy Trans World Airlines _ Super Constellation L-1649A Lockheed N7313-C Grade, Paul S. Stanton, Harry L.
590701 OH Continental Can Company _ B-26C (appears to be Martin JM-1 Marauder US Navy bu no 75187) Martin N1502 Dunham, John R. Martin, Donald
590712 NY Pan American World Airways 102 707 Boeing N707PA Sommers, Edward F. Riester, William H.
590815 NY American Airlines 514 707-123 Boeing N7514A Job, Harry C. Jeberjahn, Fred W.
590826 WV Capital Airlines _ DC-3 Douglas N44993 Black, Merle W. Walchli, David C.
590901 AK _ _ Model C-18-S Beechcraft N57139 Priest, Chefley W. _
590902 TX AAXICO (American Air Export And Import Company) _ C-46F Curtiss-Wright N-5140B Bagus, William J. Maher, Erceill D.
590907 PA _ _ M-18C55 Mooney N-4174 Bailey, Donald W. _
590924 AK Reeve Aleutian Airways _ C-54B Douglas N63396 Strouse, Eugene O. Pollom, Robert I.
590929 TX Braniff Airways 542 Electra L-188A Lockheed N9705C Stone, Wilson E. Hollowell, Dan
590930 PA _ _ 140 Cessna N1652V Hochrein, Richard G. _
590930 PA Civil Air Patrol (Philadelphia Group No. 10, 31st Pennsylvania Wing) _ L-16A Aeronca N9330H Wilson, Robert T. _
591015 FL U.S. Overseas Airlines _ C-54G Douglas N4000A Reid, Jewell Cole, Gordon
591019 WA Boeing Airplane Company _ 707-227 Boeing N7071 Baum, Russel H. Berke, John A.
591026 CA Pacific Air Lines 308 DC-3 Douglas N-67589 Craig, Charles W. Flanigan, Joseph J.
591030 VA Piedmont Airlines 349 DC-3 Douglas N55V Lavrine (or Lavrinc), George Haley, Bascom L.
591107 OH _ _ F-84F Republic 51-9360 Walter, John A., 1Lt _
591107 OH Stadvec Aviation _ PA-22 Piper N9609D Stanley, Arthur L. Parsons, Clyde A.
591116 Gulf of Mexico National Airlines 967 DC-7B Douglas N4891C Todd, Frank E. Beebee, Dick S.
591124 IL TWA 595 Constellation L-1049H Lockheed N102R Helwig, Claude W. Watters, Delmas E.
591201 PA Allegheny Airlines 371 202 Martin N174A Goldsmith, Thomas R. Bowers, George M.
591215 WY _ _ C-35 Bonanza Beechcraft N1839D Lewis, Gene A. _
591215 WY USAF (Wyoming ANG) _ F-86L (converted from F-86D) North American 55-3662 Meckem, William E., Captain _
600106 NC National Airlines 2511 DC-6B Douglas N8225H Southard, Dale H. Hentzell, Richard L.
600118 VA Capital Airlines 20 Viscount model 700D Vickers-Armstrongs N7462 Fornasero, James B. Cullom, Philip H.
600317 IN Northwest Airlines 710 Electra L-188C Lockheed N121US LaParle, Edgar E. Mills, Joseph C.
600509 NY TWA 100 707-331 "Intercontinental" Boeing N765TW Campbell, Harry E. Nichols, Horace E.
600523 GA Delta Airlines 1903 CV-880 Convair N8804E Longino, James H. Laube, Henry L.
600614 AK Pacific Northern Airlines 201 Constellation L-749 Lockheed N1554V Chamberlain, Richard H. Easterly, Duane G.
600714 Pacific Ocean Northwest Airlines _ DC-7C Douglas N-292 Rall, David G. Everett, Travis E.
600727 IL Chicago Helicopter Airways 698 S-58C Sikorsky N-879 Meyer, Robert Walker, John
600914 NY American Airlines 361 Electra L-188A Lockheed N6127A Staples, Gordon E. Pangburn, Sheldon E.
600919 Guam World Airways _ DC-6AB Douglas N90779 Holman, Rudy J. Claunch, Clayborne P.
601004 MA Eastern Airlines 444 Electra L-188 Lockheed N5533 Fitts, Curtis W. Calloway, Martin J.
601028 MT Northwest Airlines 104 C-54A-DC Douglas N48762 Perkins, James R. LaBart, Harry C.
601029 OH Arctic-Pacific, Inc _ Super C-46F Curtiss-Wright N1244N Chesher, Donald L. J. Perovich, Howard
601216 NY TWA 266 Constellation 1049A Lockheed N6907C Wollam, David A. Bowen, Dean T.
601216 NY United Air Lines 826 DC-8 Douglas N8013U Sawyer, Robert H. Fiebing, Robert W.
610119 NY Aeronaves De Mexico (Aeromexico) _ DC-8-21 Douglas XA-XAX Orduna, Ricardo G. Bravo, Antonio R.
610122 TX Capitol Airways _ C-46 Curtiss N1308V Shoup, A. A. Nixon, B. O.
610219 TX Lyndon B. Johnson Corporation _ 340 Convair N94256 Teague, Harold D. Williams, Charles
610615 AZ Sonora Flying Service _ TBM Grumman N-9319Z Cochran, Charles A. _
610711 CO United Airlines 859 DC-8 Douglas N-8040U Grosso, John Putz, Arthur F.
610718 NY Delsey Corporation _ Bonanza D-35 Beechcraft N2100D Dubuke, Paul A. _
610901 IL TWA 529 Constellation 049 Lockheed N-86511 Sanders, James H. Tarrant, Dale
610917 IL Northwest Airlines 706 Electra L-188C Lockheed N-137US Hagstrom, Ralph E. Anderson, Richard L.
610924 MA American Airlines 44 720-B "Astrojet" Boeing N7545A Jonson, Ted E. Ferdyn, Joseph E.
611105 NY TWA 66 720B Boeing N-793TW Doherty, Kenneth A. Leland, S. Tudor
611108 VA Imperial Airlines _ Constellation L-049 Lockheed N2737A Conway, Ronald H. Greenlee, James A.
611115 MA Northeast Airlines 120 Viscount Vickers-Viscount N6592C Liebman, Charles Chapin, Dwight E.
611115 MA National Airlines 429 DC-6B Douglas N8228H Hofer, Clarence F. Harder, Robert H.
611202 FL Delta Airlines 744 DC-7B Douglas N4882C Sumrall, Hiram C. Higgs, Lyman W.
611224 AK Kodiak Airways _ G-21A Goose Grumman N1503V Kingston, Gene R. _
620301 NY American Airlines _ 707-123B Boeing N-7506A Heist, James T. Barna, Michael
620315 AK Flying Tiger Line _ Constellation L-1049H Lockheed N6911C Mitchell, Thomas M. Lowe, Wayne W.
620315 Pacific Ocean Flying Tiger Line _ Constellation L-1049H Lockheed N6921C Thomas, Gregory P. Wish, Robert J.
620426 Pacific Ocean FAA _ Constellation L-749A Lockheed N116A Terranova, Julius J. Fielding, Herbert G.
620522 MO Continental Airlines 11 707-124 Boeing N70775 Gray, Fred R. Sullivan, Edward J.
620708 TX Continental Airlines 210 Viscount Model 812 Vickers-Armstrongs N243V Lauratis, Lawrence A. Gorman, Edward C.
620722 HI Canadian Pacific Airlines _ Brittania 314 Bristol CF-CZB Jennings, Welland T. Giguere, Alfred A.
620806 TN American Airlines 414 Electra L-188 Lockheed N6102A James, Victor E. Allmond, Dennis P.
620904 OH Ashland Oil Company _ Lodestar Model 18 Lockheed N-1000F Berkstresser, Arthur B. Roberts, Ronald D.
620923 North Atlantic Flying Tiger Line _ Super Constellation 1049H Lockheed N-6923C Murray, John D. Parker, Robert W.
621019 CT Allegheny Airlines 928 340-440 Convair N-8415H Gould, Harold E. Hawkins, Harold T.
621022 AK Northwest Airlines 293 DC-7C Douglas N285 Hansen, Vinton R. Perry, Earl C.
621123 MD United Air Lines 297 Viscount model 745D Vickers-Armstrongs N7430 Balog, Milton J. Lewis, Robert J.
621130 NY Eastern Airlines 512 DC-7B Douglas N815D Bechtold, Edward Wagner, Julius A.
621214 CA Flying Tiger Line _ Super Constellation 1049H Lockheed N6913C Rader, Karl C. Crapo, David L.
621221 NE Frontier Airlines 363 CD-340-31 Convair N73130 Romano, Joseph L. Bancroft, Karl D.
630113 TN Delta Airlines 8715 DC-7 Douglas N4875C Olson, Allen B. Jeter, William T.
630113 TN US Air Force _ C-123B Provider Fairchild 54-0589 unoccupied unoccupied
630117 UT West Coast Airlines 703 F-27 Fairchild N2703 Lockwood, William H. Cook, Elmer J.
630129 MO Continental Airlines 290 Viscount 812 Vickers-Armstrongs N242V Smith, Joseph W. George, Sherl C.
630203 CA Slick Airways _ Constellation 1049H Lockheed N9740Z MacCallum, Richard A. Coryell, William H.
630212 FL Northwest Airlines 705 720B Boeing N724US Almquist, Roy W. Feller, Robert J.
630216 WA Zantop Air Transport _ C-46F Curtiss-Wright N616Z Wenzel, Laurence W. Miller, Clarence B.
630528 KS Standard Airways _ L-1049G Lockheed Constellation N-189S Brown, David R. Merlo, Joseph A.
630603 AK Northwest Airlines 293 DC-7C Douglas N290 Olsen, Albert F. Wenger, Donald R.
630702 NY Mohawk Airlines 112 404 Martin N449A Dennis, Richard M. Neff, John W.
630814 MT AAXICO (American Air Export And Import Company) 1814 C-46F Curtiss-Wright N67941 Bour, Clyde H. Houck, George D.
630925 NV AAXICO (American Air Export And Import Company) _ C-46F Curtiss-Wright N67935 Beavers, William P. Saufnauer, Kalman E.
631014 NY New York Airways 600 107-II Boeing-Vertoll N6673D LoTurco, Frank Giambatista, Joseph G.
631031 NJ Boeing -Vertol Test _ CH-47A Boeing 62-2122 Brown, James F Will, Robert L
631129 WV Purdue Aeronautics Corp _ DC-3 Douglas N386T Cook, William G. Sewell, David H.
631208 MD Pan American World Airways 214 707-121 Boeing N709PA Knuth, George F. Dale, John R.
631217 CA Western Air Lines 221 DC-6B Douglas N93131 Elliot, Robert P. Marshall, Lee N.
640203 FL South Central Airlines _ D18S Beech N2999 Thompson, Roger L. _
640225 LA Eastern Airlines 304 DC-8 Douglas N8607 Zeng, William B. Newby, Grant R.
640301 NV Paradise Airlines _ L-049 Lockheed Constellation N-86504 Norris, Henry Watson, Donald A.
640308 IL Hansen Air Activities _ DC-3A Douglas N410D Pronovost, Virgil N. Jordan, Daniel W.
640310 MA Slick Airways 12 C-54B-DC Douglas N384 Zadwick, Irwin S. Conilio, Salvatore J.
640312 MT Frontier Airlines 32 DC-3C Douglas N61442 Huber, Kenneth C. Gough, Daniel H.
640407 NY Pan American World Airways 212 707-139 Boeing N779PA Dunker, Herbert H. Grandy, Howard L.
640507 CA Pacific Air Lines 773 F-27 Fairchild N2770R Clark, Ernest A. Andress, Ray E.
640605 NY Northeast Airlines 715 DC-6B Douglas N8221H Ritz, Karl F. Zompetti, Gaetano M.
640620 Taiwan Civil Air Transport 106 C-46D Curtiss B-908 Lin, Bengee Kung, M.H.
640709 TN United Air Lines 823 Viscount 745D Vickers-Armstrongs N7405 Sabatke, Oliver E. Young, Charles L.
641115 NV Bonanza Airlines 114 F-27A Fairchild N745L Fitzpatrick, Henry R. Schultze, Reimer H.
641224 CA Flying Tiger Line 282 Constellation L-1049H Lockheed N6915C Richard, Jabez R. Hennessy, Daniel W.
650208 NY Eastern Airlines 663 DC-7B Douglas N849D Carson, Frederick R. Dunn, Edward R.
650423 WA AAXICO (American Air Export And Import Company) _ DC-6A Douglas N6541C Petry, Alvin P. Newland, William F.
650518 MO AAXICO (American Air Export And Import Company) _ DC-6A Douglas N6579C Tripp, Ernest A. Weitbreght, George D.
650628 CA Pan American World Airways _ 707-321B Boeing N761PA Kimes, Charles H. Miller, Frederick R.
650701 MO Continental Airlines 12 707-124 Boeing N70773 Zerba, Lee R. Anderson, Howard T.
650723 PA Allegheny Airlines 604 340-440 Convair N8415H Lauber, Allen J. McClure, James P.
650816 IL United Airlines 389 727-22 Boeing N7036U Towle, Melville W. Whitezell, Roger M.
651021 MI Lear Jet Corp _ Model 23 Lear Jet N804LJ David, Glen E. Bangiola, Lawrence V.
651108 KY American Airlines 383 727-23 Boeing N1996 Teelin, David J. O'Neill, William J.
651111 UT United Air Lines 227 727-22 Boeing N7030U Kehmeier, Gale C. Spicer, Philip E.
651114 CA Paul Kelly Flying Service _ Model 23 Lear Jet N243F Kelly, Paul Faulkner, David K.
651204 NY Eastern Airlines 853 Constellation 1049C Lockheed N6218C White, Charles J. Holt, Roger I.
651204 NY TWA 42 707-131B Boeing N748TW Carroll, Thomas H. Smith, Leo M.
651225 CA Japan Air Lines 813 DC-8-33 Douglas JA-8006 Kato, Tsuneo Jinnaka, Shinsuke
660423 TX Rexall Drug & Chemical Co. _ Model 23 Lear Jet N235R Majowski, William K. Sweep, James D.
660912 Tokyo, Japan Airlift International, Inc _ DC-7C Douglas N2282 Pope, Clarence L. Diedrick, Wesley A.
661001 OR West Coast Airlines 956 DC-9 Douglas N9101 Alldredge, Donald Warren, Charles C.
661115 Berlin, Germany Pan American 708 727 Boeing N317PA Reavis, Walter T. Foppe, Raymond B.
670305 OH Lake Central Airlines 527 340-31 Convair N73130 Horn, John W. Skillman, Roger P.
670309 OH TWA 553 DC-9 Douglas N1063T Kohlsaat, Karl B. Binder, Donald
670309 OH Train Company _ B-55 Beechcraft-Baron N6127V Burgstahler, Cyrus H. _
670310 OR West Coast Airlines 720 F-27 Fairchild N2712 Anderson, Dale W. Zeiders, Thomas D.
670330 LA Delta Airlines _ DC-8-51 Douglas N-802E Watson, Maurice G. Morton, James W.
670403 KY Lexington Air Taxi/Piedmont Airlines 473 C-45H Beechcraft N3727G Yonk, Robert M. _
670510 CA NASA _ M2-F2 Northrop 803 Peterson, Bruce _
670623 PA Mohawk Airlines 40 BAC 1-11 British Aircraft Corporation N1116J Bullock, Charles E. Rudesill, Troy E.
670711 MN Honeywell, Inc _ G-159 Gulfstream I Grumman N861H Grove, Thomas U. Bradford, James R.
670719 NC Piedmont Airlines 22 727 Boeing N68650 Schulte, Raymond F. Conrad, Thomas C.
670719 NC Lanseair, Inc _ 310 Cessna N3121S Addison, John D. _
670803 Laos Air America _ UH-34D Sikorsky H38 (Hotel 38) Weitz, C.A. Asta, L.C.
671106 KY TWA 159 707-131 Boeing N742TW Matheny, Volney D. Reichardt, Ronald G.
671120 KY TWA 128 880 Convair N821TW Cochran, Charles L. Moyers, Robert P.
671220 LA Delta Airlines 9877 DC-8-51 Douglas N802E Watson, Maurice G. Morton, James W.
671221 CO Frontier Airlines 2610 DC-3C Douglas N65276 Crane, F.A. Cochran, R.L.
680321 IL United Airlines 9963 727-QC Boeing N7425U Hudson, Victor S. Coleman, Frederick D.
680327 MO Interstate Airmotive _ 150F Cessna N8669G Allen, B.L. Brooks, John
680327 MO Ozark Arilines _ DC-9 Douglas N970Z Fitch, R. J. Oltman, W.C.
680503 TX Braniff Airways 352 L-188 Electra Lockheed N9707C Phillips, John R. Foster, John F.
680522 CA Los Angeles Airways 841 S-61L Sikorsky N303Y Dupies, John E. Herrington, Terry R.
680804 WI North Central Airlines 261 580 Convair N4634S Baum, Ted Mazur, John A.
680804 WI Home Airmotive _ 150 Cessna N8742S Stenberg, Ricky L. _
680810 WV Piedmont Airlines 230 2276 Fairchild-Hiller N712U Sugg, Gene A. Messick, John F.
680814 CA Los Angeles Airways 417 S-61L Sikorsky N300Y Waggoner, Kenneth L. Fracker, F. Charles
681025 NH Northeast Airlines 946 FH-227C Fairchild-Hiller N380NE Rapsis, John A. O'Neill, John C.
681121 CO _ _ PA-28-140 Piper N7481R Eno, George H. _
681122 CA Japan Air Lines _ DC-8-62 Douglas JA-8032 Asoh, Kohei Hazen, Joseph
681202 AK Wien Consolidated Airlines 55 F-27B Fairchild N4905 Stanley, Milford D. Svendgard, Jerry T.
681224 PA Allegheny Airlines 736 580 Convair N5802 M--l (unreadable), Gary Lee Gardner, Richard B.
681226 AK Pan American 799 707-321C Boeing N799PA Moen, Arthur Markestein, Johannes D.
681227 IA Ozark Arilines 982 DC-9-15 Douglas N974Z Sweeney, Patrick G. Schmeltz, John T.
681227 IL North Central Airlines 458 580 Convair N2045 Payne, Marvin A. Levalley, Gerald R.
690106 PA Allegheny Airlines 737 440 (up-engined to 580) Convair N5825 Blanton, William I. Lesiak, Ronald
690113 CA Scandinavian Airlines _ DC-8-62 McDonnell-Douglas LN-MOO Davies, Kenneth Hansson, Hans I.
690118 CA United Airlines 266 727-22C Boeing N7434U Leverson, Leonard A. Schlemmer, Walter R.
690218 CA Mineral County Airlines/Hawthorne Nevada Airlines 708 DC-3 Douglas N15570 Hall, Fred W. Hamer, Raymond
690305 San Juan, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico International Airlines 277 114-2 Heron De Havilland N563PR Gonzalez, Miguel A. Montilla, Carlos E.
690320 LA Travel Associates _ DC-3 Douglas N142D Tennyson, Allen R. Stovall, William H.
690412 CA _ _ 310N Cessna N4111Q Klopfenstein, Allen H. McMillan, Robert A.
690623 FL Dominicana Airlines 401 DC-4 Carvair (C-54D) Douglas HI-168 Bujosa, Jorge E. Brador, Carlos A.
690624 WA Japan Air Lines 90 880-22M Convair JA8028 Suda, Kazuhiko Murata, Jyunichi
690706 GA Air South 168 B-99 Airliner Beechcraft N844NS Wood, Erwin W. Wagner, Thomas M.
690726 NJ TWA 5787 707-331C Boeing N787TW Sklarin, Donald Caines, Harry D.
690812 St Thomas, Virgin Islands Caribbean Atlantic Airlines 340 DC-9-31 Douglas N938PR Arocho, Victor F. Gonzalez, Gilberto A.
690909 IN Allegheny Airlines 853 DC-9 Douglas N988VJ Elrod, James M. Heckendorn, William E.
690909 IN Forth Corporation _ PA-28 Piper N7374J Carey, Robert W. _
691016 CA Seaboard World Airlines _ DC-8-63F Douglas N8634 Headley, William E. Grant, James M.
691031 VA Pittston Co. _ 1121 Jet Commander Aero Commander N236JP Quint, Robert J. Gilly, Walter J.
691106 WI Mack Truck, Inc _ Model 23A Lear Jet N1021B Simmons, James R. Strunk, George K.
691119 NY Mohawk Airlines 411 FH-227B Fairchild-Hiller N7811M Hourihan, Raymond P. Morrow, John P.
691213 WA Boeing Company _ 747-21 Boeing N732PA Cokeley, Ralph C. Harder, John W.
700111 TX Texas International Airlines 926 DC-9 Douglas N1308T Capps, Jerry E. Gibbons, Gerald F.
700122 CO Rocky Mountain Airways 10 680V Aero Commander N6359U Harrison, Russell S. n/a
700128 OH Tag Airlines 730 DH-104-6A De Havilland Dove N2300H Feldman, Jake Arthur, Robert G.
700210 CT Pilgrim Aviation 203 DHC-6 De Havilland N124PM Crofts, Alfred Fox, George B.
700322 NY Commuter Airlines 502 C-45H (Infinite II conversion) Beechcraft N497DM Phillips, Millard E. Martin, David C.
700502 St Croix, Virgin Islands Overseas National Airways 980 DC-9 Douglas N935F DeWitt, Balsey D. Evans, Harry E.
700509 MI Executive Jet Aviation _ L23A Lear Jet N434EJ Evans, George O. Karaffa, Joseph U.
700530 GA Lehigh Acres Development, Inc 701 404 Martin N40412 Cannin, James A. Feldmiller, Robert A.
700702 Washington D.C. Jetco Aviation 106 Skyvan Series 3 SC-7 Short Brothers & Harland N21CK Weihs, Louis J. Williams, Robert G.
700715 South Vietnam Air America _ PC-6 Pilatus Porter N185K Lent, A.S., Captain _
700719 PA United Airlines 611 737-222 Boeing N9005U Lubozynski, Joseph McWilliams, James W.
700727 Okinawa Flying Tiger Line 45 DC-8-63F Douglas N785FT Treft, Cleo M. Foley, Robert E.
700817 Canada Air France 30 747-128 Boeing F-BPVD Mims, Jacques Chauveau, Louis
700908 NY Trans International Airlines 863 DC-8-63F Douglas N4863T May, Joseph J. Loeffler, John D.
700908 KY Delta Airlines 439 DC-9-32 Douglas N3329L Reed, Jerry K. Cartmill, Robert A.
700915 NY Alitalia Airlines 618 DC-8-62 Douglas I-DIWZ Faggiani, Giacomo Nardini, Romano
700918 CA American Airlines 14 747-121 Boeing N743PA Steiner, Walter P. Martin, Joseph H.
701002 CO _ _ 404 Martin N464M Crocker, Danny E. Skipper, Ronald G.
701027 Laos Air America _ 204B Bell N8513F Rudolfs, Ed Dunn, T.T. (flight mechanic)
701104 MA Pan American 114 747-121 Boeing N739PA King, James N Storm, Francis F.
701109 WI Mississipi Valley Airways _ DHC-6 De Havilland N956SM Tyrvand, Paul F. Warhanik, Bruce A.
701114 WV Southern Airways 932 DC-9 Douglas N-97S Abbott, Frank H. Smith, Jerry R.
701127 AK Capitol International Airways _ DC-8-63F Douglas N4909C Reid, William G. Downs, James A
701224 Laos Air America _ UH-34D Sikorsky H79 (Hotel 79) Van Etten, B.A., Captain Brigham, C.F. (flight mechanic)
701226 Laos Air America _ 205 Bell XW-PFJ Reid, E., Captain _
701228 St Thomas, Virgin Islands Trans Caribbean Airways 505 727-200 Boeing N8790R Worle, Fred J. Hayles, Raymond L.
710104 NY FAA _ DC-3C Douglas N7 not given not given
710109 NJ American Airlines 30 707-323 Boeing N7595A Harrington, Robert W. Williams, William H.
710109 NJ Linden Flight Service _ 150 Cessna N60942 Squires, William K. Ascolese, Edmund
710217 MS Southern Airways 41 DC-9-15 Douglas N92S Cushing, Gordon W. Jett, Thomas F.
710331 CA Western Airlines 366 720-047B Boeing N3166 Benson, Raymond E. Coffin, Henry L.
710506 AZ Apache Airlines _ DH-104-7AXC Dove (Carstedt CJ-600A conversion) De Havilland N4922V Huntington, Ted N. Nelson, Donald B.
710513 HI Northwest Airlines _ 747-151 Boeing N607US not given not given
710606 CA Hughes Air West 706 DC-9-31 Douglas N9345 Nicolay, Theodore Bruner, Price
710606 CA USMC _ F-4B McDonnell-Douglas 151458 Phillips, James R. Scheiss, Christopher E.
710607 CT Allegheny Airlines 485 340-440 (conversion to Allison Prop Jet "Convair CV-580") Convair N5832 Eastridge, David G. Walker, James A.
710611 PA American Airlines 151 707 Boeing N8432 not given not given
710611 PA TWA 31 707 Boeing N6729TW not given not given
710622 MA Northeast Airlines 938 DC-9-31 McDonnell-Douglas N982NE Donoghue, Paul Milhalik, Rudolph C.
710730 CA Pan American 845 747 Boeing N747PA Dyer, Calvin Y. Oakes, Paul E.
710804 CA Continental Airlines 712 707-320C Boeing N47330 Ross, Harold Swenson, Carmen
710804 CA Floyd Flying Service _ 150J Cessna N61011 Wright, Arthur E. Hopp, Leo W.
710808 HI Aloha Airlines 845 Viscount 745D Vickers N7415 F'eeney, James J. Haruguchi, James S.
710819 ME Downeast Airlines 88 PA-31 Navajo Piper N595DE French, Dwight n/a
710904 AK Alaska Airlines 1866 727-193 Boeing N2969G Adams, Richard C. Beach, Leonard D.
711021 IL Chicago and Southern Airlines 804 E18S (conversion Ateco Westwind II) Beechcraft N51CS Hansen, Frank D. Moller, Robert W.
711024 PA Monmouth Airlines 98 Model 99 Beechcraft N986MA Ricotta, Richard S. Crawford, James R.
711204 NC _ _ Model 206 Cessna N2110F Smith, Willis _
711204 NC Eastern Airlines 898 DC-9-31 McDonnell-Douglas N8943E Boswell, Neal G. Dragland, B.E.
711221 GA Eastern Airlines 9701 727-100 Boeing N8168G Gemmill, Joe K. Threlkeld, John G.
720104 LA National Airlines 41 747-135 Boeing N77772 McDonald, Edward P. Naftel, William C.
720118 TX Tandy Corporation _ Model 25 Gates Learjet N658TC Clifton, Glenn A. Gibson, Cecil S.
720220 ID Sun Valley Airlines 115 65B-80 Beechcraft N1027C Smith, Roland H. _
720222 HI Alii Air Hawaii 143 D18S Beechcraft N5642V Alexander, M.C. _
720303 NY Mohawk Airlines 405 FH-227B Fairchild-Hiller N7818M McAdam, Robert Matthews, William E.
720412 Pacific Ocean Northwest Airlines 22 747-151 Boeing N606US Arnold, William H. Camm, Harry L.
720414 WV Southern Airways 932 DC-9-31 Douglas N97S Abbott, Frank H. Smith, Jerry R.
720426 VA Northwest Airlines 78 720B Boeing N736US Scott, Robert L. Drzal?, Richard
720426 VA Lockheed Aircraft Corp _ 240 Convair N737Z Setili, Carl P. Drennon, Raleigh E.
720502 AZ Continental Airlines _ DC-10 McDonnell-Douglas N68041 Bellerue, K.R. Dixon, M.V.
720518 FL Eastern Airlines 346 DC-9-31 Douglas N8961E Kennedy, Walter C. Mathis, George K.
720519 NM Ross Aviation _ 65-B80 Queen Air Beechcraft N841NS Zettel, Richard T. _
720530 TX Delta Airlines 9570 DC-9-14 McDonnell-Douglas N3305L Gray, George G. Cook, Franklin M.
720612 Ontario, Canada American Airlines 96 DC-10-10 Douglas N103AA McCormick, Bryce Whitney, Peter
720622 OH Aero Taxi 407 E18S Beechcraft N42A Henry, William _
720624 Ponce, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico International Airlines 191 DH-114 De Havilland N554PR Price, Donald Belejeu, Gary
720629 WI Air Wisconsin 671 DHC-6 De Havilland N4043B Jacobs, David L. Gaffin, Michael J.
720629 WI North Central Airlines 290 340/440 (CV-580) Allison Convair N90858 Cuzzort, James T. Laabs, Alton O.
720813 NY Jugoslovenski Aerotransport 3410 707-321 Boeing YU-AGA Spasojevic, Konstantin Petrovic, Radomir
720814 WV North American Rockwell, Inc _ 690 Turbo Commander N1NR Bahling, Roger Kinchloe, James
720913 CA TWA 604 707-331C Boeing N15712 Bogatko, Richard C. Sanford, Taylor H.
720924 CA Spectrum Air, Inc _ Sabre Mk V Canadair N275X Bingham, Richard L. _
721016 AK Pan Alaska Airways _ 310C Cessna N1812H Jonz, Don E. _
721108 MN _ _ 182 Cessna N70586 Vogt, Thomas M. _
721208 IL United Airlines 553 737-222 Boeing N9031U Whitehouse, Wendell W. Coble, Walter O.
721212 NY TWA 669 707-331C Boeing N788TW Clancy, John J. Jones, Robert W.
721215 FL Northwest Airlines 723 747-151 Boeing N602US Burnett, William F. Camm, Harry L.
721220 IL Delta Airlines 954 CV-880 Convair N8807E McDowell, Robert E. Greenberg, Harry D.
721220 IL North Central Airlines 575 DC-9-31 McDonnell-Douglas N954N Nordseth, Ordell T. Adamson, Gerald D.
721229 FL Eastern Airlines 401 L-1011 Lockheed N310EA Loft, Robert A. Stockstill, Albert J.
730226 GA Machinery Buyers Corp _ Model 24 Gates Learjet N454RN Sellfors, Ernest F. Phillips, David E.
730410 OH Eastern Airlines 322 727-225 Boeing N8843E Woodward, Thomas A. Sandusky, James R.
730413 CO Continental Airlines _ NA-265-60 Rockwell International Saberlliner N743R Walsh, Robert M. Ford, James L.
730419 IA Air Iowa 333 E18S Beechcraft N310WA Nixon, Charles E. _
730620 ME Overseas National Airways 4655 DC-8-63 McDonnell-Douglas N863F Templeton, Robert W. Nielsen, Rasmus
730621 FL Skyways International _ DC-7C Douglas N296 Peyno, Ernessto J. Danz, Robert E.
730623 NY Loftleidir Icelandic Airlines 509 DC-8-61F Douglas N8960T Olsen, Olaf O. Sigurbergsson, Arni
730723 MO Ozark Arilines 809 FH-227B Fairchild-Hiller N4215 Linke, Arvid L. Williams, Michael D.
730731 MA Delta Airlines 723 DC-9-31 Douglas N975NE Streil, John N. Burrill, Sidney W.
730828 CA TWA 742 707-331B Boeing N8705T Harpster, John W. Evans, Robert C.
730908 AK World Airways 802 DC-8-63F Douglas N802WA Weininger, John A. Evans, Gregg W.
730927 AR Texas International Airlines 655 CV-600 Convair N94230 Crosman, Ralph M. Tumlinson, William F.
731028 NC Piedmont Airlines 20 737-200 Boeing N751N O'Conner, H.G. McCann, J.T.
731103 NM National Airlines 27 DC-10-10 McDonnell-Douglas N60NA Broocke, William R. Saunders, Eddie H.
731103 MA Pan American World Airways 160 707-321C Boeing N458PA Zammett, John J. Ritter, Gene W.
731127 OH Eastern Airlines 300 DC-9-31 McDonnell-Douglas N8967E Hill, William H. McQuigg, Andrew R.
731127 TN Delta Airlines 516 DC-9-32 Douglas N3323L Hackley, Ralph M. Barron, Thomas J.
731215 FL Aircraft Pool Leasing Corp _ L-1049H Lockheed Super Constellation N6917C Fox, William C. Flanders, Jeffrey H.
731217 MA (Iberia Airlines) Iberia Lineas Aereas De Espana 933 DC-10-30 McDonnell-Douglas EC CBN Gaztelu, Jesus C. Vega, Celedonio M.
740106 PA Air East 317 99A Beechcraft N125AE Brannon, Daniel W. Knouff, Gerald W.
740116 CA TWA 701 707-131B Boeing N757TW Schulz, William L. Jordon, Myron G.
740130 Pago Pago, American Samoa Pan American World Airways 806 707-321B Boeing N454PA Peterson, Leroy A. Gaines, Richard V.
740130 American Samoa Pan Am 806 707-321B Boeing N454A Petersen, Leroy A. Gaines, Richard V.
740313 CA Sierra Pacific Airlines 802 340/440 Convair N4819C Evans, Albert J. Dennis, Paul T.
740513 NE Air France _ 707-B-328B Boeing FBLCA Espes, Robert Dournier, J.
740523 IL Saturn Airways 14 L-382E (C-130 Hercules) Lockheed N14ST Marston, Chapman Moran, Charles F.
740624 SC International Business Machines, Inc _ G-1159 Gulfstream Grumman N720Q O'Brien, Thomas W. Whitman, Paul F.
740708 FL National Airlines 41 DC-10-10 McDonnell-Douglas N60NA McGlannan, A.J. Wood, M.C.
740908 Greece Trans World Airlines 841 707-331B Boeing N-8734 Holliday, Donald H. Cheshire, Jon L.
740911 NC Eastern Airlines 212 DC-9-31 Douglas N8984E Reeves, James E. Daniels, James M.
741011 VA _ _ PA-24-250 Comanche Piper N6876P Axley, Anthony _
741011 VA New Jersey ANG _ F-106 Convair 59-0044 Kelly, Michael J., Captain _
741112 UT Montana Power Company _ Turbo Commander 690A Rockwell N40MP Fiori, Rocco _
741112 UT USAF _ F-111A General Dynamics 77-0055 Granger, Peter A., Captain Sperry, Paul D., Captain
741112 UT Montana Power Co _ 690A Rockwell N40MP Fiori, Rocco _
741201 VA TWA 514 727-231 Boeing N54328 Brock, Richard I. Kresheck, Lenard W.
741201 NY Northwest Airlines 6231 727-251 Boeing N274US Lagorio, John B. Zadra, Walter A.
750109 CA CessnAir Aviation _ 150L Cessna N11421 Linden, William V. Gordon, Michael J.
750109 CA Golden West Airlines 261 DHC-6 De Havilland N6383 Rivlin, S.L. Teicher, Jon S.
750109 VA Cavalier Flyers _ 150 Cessna N50430 Pollock, Bruce D. _
750109 VA USAF _ VT-29D (CV-340) Convair 52-5826 Robinson, James S., LtCol McAlhaney, Henry T., Major
750112 VA _ _ 411A Cessna N100KC Jatkoe, Paul B. _
750125 Washington D.C. Wolfe Industries _ 65-A90 King Air Beechcraft N57V White, Richard N. Hatem, Richard D.
750327 PA FAA _ DC-3C Douglas N6 Bernard, Harry Pedersen, Carl B.S.
750331 WY Western Airlines 470 737-200 Boeing N4527W Mylenek, Jack A. Cavalier, Anthony J.
750426 SC Stribling-Puckett _ A100 Beechcraft N700SP Ellison, Gordon T. _
750510 OH NAVIK Air 11 PA23-250 Aztec Piper N644N Coleman, William J. _
750624 NY Eastern Airlines 66 727-225 Boeing N8845E Kleven, John W. Eberhart, William
750711 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico International Airlines 303 DH-114 De Havilland N570PR Blanco, Reginaldo Purcell, Edwin
750807 CO Continental Airlines 426 727-224 Boeing N88777 Pries, Robert E. Shelton, Robert W.
750830 AK Wien Air Alaska 99 F-27B Fairchild N4904 Arant, William C. Schaefer, Gerald W.
750908 Ionian Sea, Greece TWA 841 707-331B Boeing N8734 Holliday, Donald H. Cheshire, Jon L.
750912 PA Campbell-Ewald Advertising Co. _ Turbo Commander 690A Rockwell N847CE Macauley, Richard S. Rhea, James E.
750912 AK Ketchum Air Service _ DHC-2 Beaver De Havilland N64392 Smelcer, James I. _
750920 NY Airlift International, Inc 101 DC-8-63F McDonnell-Douglas N6161A Cavella, Patrick J. Sims, Sydney C.
750927 FL Aerotransportes Entre Rios _ CL-44-6 Yukon Canadair LV-JSY Guerra, Pedro J. Hofmann, Richard
751112 NY Overseas National Airways 32 DC-10-30 Douglas N1032F Davis, Harry R. Carrier, Raymond A.
751112 NC Eastern Airlines 576 727 Boeing N8838E Barchard, Edward A. Nicholson, Robert F.
751126 MI American Airlines 182 DC-10 Douglas N124 Eby, Guy Narins, David
751126 MI TWA 37 L-1011 Lockheed N11002 not given not given
751216 AK Japan Air Lines 422 747-246 Boeing JA8122 Kaneda, Noboru Tokii, Tomoji
760208 CA Mercer Airlines 901 DC-6 -- YC-112A Douglas N901MA Seccombe, James R. Finger, Jack R.
760312 MD Condor Aero Club _ 172L Cessna N4368Q Fox, Donald W. Crawford, W. Clark
760401 WA Northwest Airlines 603 DC-10 Douglas N148US not given not given
760401 WA Hughes Air West _ DC-9 Douglas N9333 Smith, Marshall R. Avellar, George
760405 AK Alaska Airlines 60 727-81 Boeing N124AS Burke, Richard L. Bishop, Richard L.
760427 St Thomas, Virgin Islands American Airlines 625 727-95 Boeing N1963 Bujnowski, Arthur J. Offchiss, Edward R.
760509 Spain Imperial Iranian Air Force 228 747-131 Boeing serial 5-283 not given not given
760604 Guam Air Manilla 702 L-188A Electra Lockheed RP-C1061 Javaleva, Roberto Nacion, Ernesto
760623 PA Allegheny Airlines 121 DC-9-31 Douglas N994VJ Boyer, Carl W. Spencer, John R.
760724 MO Reeds Aviation _ PA-28R-200 Cherokee Piper N7941C Cook, James A. _
760724 MO _ _ PA-28-181 Cherokee Piper N8592C Mayshark, Cyrus _
760803 MO Rupp Automotive _ Baron 58 Beechcraft N1553W Rupp, Paul L. _
760806 IL Chicago Freight Airlines _ TB-25N North American N9446Z Worley, John B. Schons, Kenneth H.
760913 FL Ruel Insurance Corp _ 414 Cessna N8PR Ruel, Patrick G. _
760913 FL USAF _ F-4E McDonnell-Douglas 67-0255 Mellor, Gregory P. Lt Mehlhaff, Thomas W., Major
760926 VA Johnson & Johnson _ Gulfstream II Grumman N500J Hopkins, Richard A. Oliver, Rodger M.
761116 CO Texas International Airlines 987 DC-9-14 Douglas N9104 McMurry, Robert B. Howell, John E.
761212 NJ Atlantic City Airlines 977 DHC-6 Twin Otter De Havilland N101AC Brier, John A. Scheaffer, Jon R.
770106 CA Jet Avia _ LR-24B Learjet N12MK Weier, Donald J. Foley, Jerold W.
770106 CA Jet Avia _ 24B Learjet N12MK Weier, Donald Foley, Jerold
770113 AK Japan Air Lines _ DC-8-62F McDonnell-Douglas JA8054 Marsh, Hugh L. Akitani, Kunihika
770122 AZ Knob Hill, Inc _ 421A Cessna N999MB Bonfante, Mario Ohanesian, Ronald J.
770224 PA Commonwealth of Pennsylvania _ PA-31T Cheyenne Piper N631PT Wolf, David M. Soisson, Edwin L.
770404 GA Southern Airways 242 DC-9-31 Douglas N1335U McKenzie, William W. Keele, Lyman W.
770428 VA Southern Company Services _ 125-600A Beech-Hawker N40PC Taylor, Thomas R. Golden, Ronald L.
770516 NY New York Airways 972 S-61L Sikorsky N619PA Richmond, Lee G. Flanagan, John F.
770603 AZ Continental Airlines 63 727-224 Boeing N32725 Gullet, Thomas E. Garrett, John H.
770906 AK Alaska Aeronautical Industries 302 DHC-6-200 De Havilland N563MA Crandall, Mitchell E. Bible, Gary F.
770908 NC Champion Home Builders Co. _ 25B Gates Learjet N999HG Taylor, James D. Sutherland, Leroy J.
771020 MS L & J Co. _ 240 Convair N55VM McCreary, Walter W. Gray, William J.
771213 IN National Jet Services _ DC-3 Douglas N51071 Pham, Ty Van Ruiz, Gaston P.
771218 UT United Airlines 2860 DC-8-54 Douglas N8047U Fender, John R. Modesitt, Phillip E.
780210 WA Columbia Pacific Airlines 23 99 Beech N199EA Branford, David C. Stanley, Michael D.
780301 CA Continental Airlines 603 DC-10-10 McDonnell-Douglas N68045 Hersche, Charles E. Provan, Michael J.
780508 FL National Airlines 193 727-235 Boeing N4744NA Kunz, George T. Sanderson, Leonard G.
780518 TN Memphis Flying Club _ 150M Cessna N6423K Conaway, Danny M. _
780518 TN Flight Safety International _ DA-20 (Myst?re 20) Falcon Jet N121GW Mitchell, John H. _
780621 NY E.S.M. Group _ Citation Cessna N51MW Ruble, Ronald Shappee, Harold P.
780621 NY North Central Airlines 57 DC-9-30 Douglas N957N Erickson, Edward L. Van Vuren, Donald L.
780709 NY Allegheny Airlines 453 1 11 BAC N1550 Johansson, John R. Reid, James C.
780725 MI North Central Airlines 801 580 Convair N4825C Moe, Harold R. McFarland, John P.
780830 NV Las Vegas Airlines 44 PA-31-350 Navajo Cheiftan Piper N44LV Herning, Charles A. _
780902 St Thomas, Virgin Islands Antilles Air Boats 941 G21A Goose Grumman N7777V Blair, Charles F. _
780925 CA Pacific Southwest Airlines 182 727-214 Boeing N533PS McFeron, James E. Fox, Robert E.
780925 CA Gibbs Flite Center _ 172 Cessna N7711G Kazy, Martin B. Boswell, David T.
781204 CO Rocky Mountain Airways 217 DHC-6 Twin Otter De Havilland N25RM Klopfenstein, Scott A. Coleman, Gary R.
781204 AK Inlet Marine _ 25C Century III Gates Learjet N77RS Sykes, Richard Church, Richard J.
781228 OR United Airlines 173 DC-8-61 McDonnell-Douglas N8082U McBroom, Malburn A. Beebe, Rodrick D.
790119 MI Massey-Ferguson _ 25D Gates Learjet N137GL Hogue, Allan J. Barrows, Craig R.
790212 WV Allegheny Airlines 561 Nord 262 (modified to Mohawk/Frakes M298) Aerospatiale N29824 Everly, Robert Baltes, David C.
790215 IL Flying Tiger Line 74 747-F Boeing N804FT Petrick, Richard P. Hooker, David E.
790215 IL Delta Airlines 349 727-200 Boeing N467DA Walls, James R. Molitor, Arthur A.
790227 WY Rocky Mountain Airways _ DHC-6-300 De Havilland N24RM Brose, Paul D. Green, Richard E.
790301 MS Universal Airways 76 70 (Excaliber conversion) Beech N777AE Taylor, John R. _
790310 CA Swift Aire Lines 231 Nord 262-A33 Aerospatiale N418SA Felig, Phillip E. Seszko, John W.
790404 MI TWA 841 727-31 Boeing N840TW Gibson, Harvey G. Kennedy, Jess S.
790418 NJ New York Airways 972 S61-L Sikorsky N618PA Richmond, Lee G. Carter, Lesley G.
790525 IL American Airlines 191 DC-10-10 McDonnell-Douglas N110AA Halter, Lux?? Dillard, James R.
790530 ME Downeast Airlines 46 DHC-6-200 De Havilland N68DE Merryman, James E. Hines, George T.
790617 MA Air New England 248 DHC-6-300 De Havilland N383EX Parmenter, George E. Roberti, Richard D.
790724 St Croix, Virgin Islands Puerto Rico International Airlines 610 DH-114 Heron De Havilland N575PR Rivera, Jose E. Pineiro, William G.
790802 OH _ _ Citation 501 Cessna N15NY Munson, Thurman L. _
790822 GA Eastern Airlines 693 727-25 Boeing N8139 not given not given
790914 OR Butler Aircraft _ DC-7 Douglas N4SW Morton, Victor L. Baxter, Donnie F.
790917 MA Air Canada 680 DC-9-32 McDonnell-Douglas CF-TLU Gill, George D. Lang, E. Michael
791008 KY Comair 444 PA-31 Piper N6642L Paul, William L. _
791111 Luxembourg Aeromexico 945 DC-10-30 McDonnell-Douglas XA-DUH Pamiaguo, Rafael B. Hernandez, Fernando B.M.
791116 AZ Nevada Airlines 2504 404 Martin N40438 Blewett, William R. Swain, James N.
791118 UT Transamerica Airlines _ L-188C Electra Lockheed N859U Dick, Marvin H. Gardiner, Harry H.
800130 IL Kellogg Co. _ Falcon 10 Dassault Breguet N253K Stryker, David P. Warner, Norman J.
800206 NM USAF _ F-111D General Dynamics 68-0119 Westerfield, Roy W., Captain Anderson, Stephen P., 2Lt
800206 NM _ _ TU-206G Cessna N7393N Douglas, Homer D. _
800216 MA Redcoat Air Cargo _ 253F (BAC 175 ?) Bristol Britannia G-BRAC Coburn, George W. Jones, Jack K.
800321 TX Eagle Commuter Airlines 108 PA-31-350 Piper N59932 Mathison, Walter j. Roach, Jud
800327 CO Lufkin Industries _ Super King Air Beechcraft N456L Fisher, Barbara R. Gilstrap, Charles L.
800502 CA McDonnell Douglas Corp _ DC-9-80 McDonnell-Douglas N980DC Lane, John P. Alexander, Donald A.
800506 VA Kennedy Flite Center _ Model 23 Gates Learjet N866JS Maul, George G. Pilcher, Richard J.
800519 Gulf of Mexico Northeast Jet Co _ 25D Gates Learjet N125NE Cheek, James T. Donnelly, Francis J.
800612 NE Air Wisconsin 965 SA-226TC Metro Swearingen N650S Grab, Peter A. Gallmeister, Nicholas
800619 AZ McDonnell Douglas Corp _ DC-9-80 McDonnell-Douglas N1002G Lyddane, George H. Hamilton, Fred W.
800622 IN Airtraders International _ 1049H Lockheed N74CA Salmon, Herman R. Salmon, Randall R.
800721 AZ Scenic Airlines 306 404 Cessna N2683S Mirehouse, Richard T. _
800725 PA Air Pennsylvania 501 PA-31-350 Navajo Cheiftan Piper N5MS Berdretdin, Feisal Szpak, Randolph S.
800912 Bahamas Florida Commuter Airlines _ DC-3 (C-53 Army serial 41-20091) Douglas N75KW Selva, Hugo Leonard, Diana C.
801121 YAP Island Continental/Air Micronesia 614 727-92C Boeing N18479 Harris, M.G. Green, T.W.
810120 WA Cascade Airways 201 99A Beechcraft N390CA Weinberger, David N. Davis, Paul H.
810121 WV Georgia-Pacific Corp _ 500 Citation Cessna N501GP Martin, Bobby G. Rodeffer, Larry A.
810211 NY Texasgulf Aviation _ L-1329-731 Lockheed Jetstar N520S Gregory, Joseph M. Sorenson, Shanley S.
810217 CA Air California 336 737-293 Boeing N468AC Clark, Don E. Pedersen, Noel N.
810408 NY Eastern Airlines 60 727-25 Boeing N8140N Glowka, Arthur Roberts, Forrest E.
810417 CO Sky's West Parachute Center _ TU-206 Cessna N4862F Vigen, David L. _
810417 CO Air U.S. 716 HP-137 Jetstream Handley Page N11360 Lebowitz, Ezra J. Beavers, Dennis J.
810702 TX Universal Airways _ 65-A80 (Excalibur conversion) Beech N100UV Allen, Robert M. _
810920 North Atlantic World Airways 32 DC-10-30CF McDonnell-Douglas N112WA Cave, John G. Markus, Bruce W.
810922 FL Air Florida Airlines 2198 DC-10-30CF McDonnell-Douglas N101TV Ulrich, Raymond Warde, Michael B.
810922 NJ Eastern Airlines 935 L-1011-384 Lockheed N309EA Kagel, Adam C. Donica, Richard B.
810923 NJ Ronson Aviation _ 206B Bell N27670 Flewitt, John D. Reynolds, Mark J.
810923 NJ Seminole Air Charter _ PA-34-200T Piper N8110R Kirby, Donald A. _
811001 OK Sky Train Air _ 24 Gates Learjet N44CJ Willard, John A. Durnin, Romaine J.
811231 CO Sun West Airlines 104 PA-31-350 (T-1020) Piper N41070 Glendinning, Kelly E. _
820103 VA Ashland Properties _ 414A Cessna N2620L not given _
820105 NY Empire Airlines 141 PA-31 Navajo Piper N546BA Donley, James C. Kroeger, Bryland W.
820113 Washington D.C. Air Florida 90 737-222 Boeing N62AF Wheaton, Larry M. Pettit, Roger A.
820123 MA World Airways _ DC-10-30CF McDonnell-Douglas N113WA Langley, Peter J. Hertzfeldt, Donald C.
820216 AK Reeve Aleutian Airways 69 YS-11A Nihon (NAMC) N169RV Hart, Thomas Showers, Roger
820221 RI Pilgrim Airlines 458 DHC-6-100 De Havilland N127PM Prinster, Thomas N. Hogg, Lyle W.
820506 GA Ibex Corp _ 23 Gates Learjet N100TA Morton, George R. Dav, Sherri D.
820516 AK Gifford Aviation - Wein Air Alaska 517 DHC-6 Twin Otter De Havilland N103AQ not given _
820709 LA Pan American World Airways _ 727-235 Boeing N4737 McCullers, Kenneth L. Pierce, Donald G.
820723 CA Western Helicopters _ UH-1B Bell N87701 (US Army serial 64-14038) Wingo, Dorcey A. _
821118 MO Coin Acceptors, Inc _ Model 551 Citation II Cessna N2CA Trieman, R. Claude _
821120 NJ _ _ Aero Commander 560E North American Rockwell N3827C not given not given
821120 NJ _ _ 182Q Cessna N96402 not given _
830103 ID A.E. Stanley Manufacturing Company _ Challenger CL-600 Canadair N805C Cook, Henry E. Wesolek, Chester S.
830109 NC USAF _ F-4C McDonnell-Douglas 63-7536 Wellers, John A., Captain Williams, Lester, LtCol
830109 NC _ _ D-55 Baron Beech N7142N Tiffany, Henry H. _
830109 MN Republic Airlines 927 580 Convair N844H Didier, Henry L. Fry, Daniel J.
830111 MI United Airlines 2885 DC-8-54F McDonnell-Douglas N8053U Todd, William S. Day, James G.
830215 ID Sierra Pacific Airlines 868 DHC-6-300 De Havilland N361V Moline, Donald R. Thorsrud, Erik M.
830324 GA McCauley Aviation 354 MU-213 Mitsubishi N72B Holland, Joe M. _
830330 NJ Central Airlines 27 Model 25 Gates Learjet N51CA Barnhart, no first name/middle Hogberg, no first name/middle
830505 FL Eastern Airlines 855 L-1011 Lockheed N334EA Boddy, Richard E. Thompson, Steve C.
830602 KY Air Canada 797 DC-9-32 McDonnell-Douglas C-FTLU Cameron, Donald S. Ouimet, Cleude
830817 AZ Las Vegas Airlines 88 PA-31-350 Piper N88LV Gustafson, Wallace S. _
830821 WA Landry Aviation _ Learstar conversion of Lodestar L-18 Lockheed N116CA Petersen, Michael W. Eric, John F.
831011 IL Air Illinois 710 HS 748-2A Hawker Siddley N748LL Smith, Lester R. Tudor, Frank S.
831025 VA Flying Tiger Line 2468 DC8-63 McDonnell-Douglas N797FT Baldwin, James M. Stickler, Robert
831124 SC Air Canada 965 L-1011 Lockheed C-FTNJ Fox, Robert J. Frerichs, Ronald J.D.
831223 AK Korean Airlines 84 DC-10-30 McDonnell-Douglas HL7339 Lee, Bum Kee Cho, Bong Hyun
831223 AK Southcentral Air 59 PA-31-350 Navajo Piper N35206 Holt, Gary R. _
840113 NY Pilgrim Airlines 35 F27-100 Fokker N148PM Bushy, Willard F. Sturges, Suzette N.
840228 NY Scandinavian Airlines 901 DC-10-30 McDonnell-Douglas LN-RKB Marner, Hans O. Lund, Eddie G.
840530 PA Zantop International Airlines 931 L-188A Electra Lockheed N5523 Bolton, John J. Figarra, John D.
840531 CO United Airlines 663 727-222 Boeing N7647U Gore, Arthur G. Rutter, Newton R.
840604 CT Air Continental _ 23 Gates Learjet N101PP Huffman, Charles R. Dulay, Ronald J.
840802 Puerto Rico Vieques Air Link _ BN-2A-6 Islander Britten-Norman N589SA Garcia, A. Miguel _
840824 CA Aesthetec, Inc _ Commander 112TC Rockwell N112SM Sandy, Ladell C. Rubel, Carl M.
840824 CA Wings West Airlines 628 C-99 Beech N6399U Nebolon, Paul A. Johnson, Deverl H.
841206 FL Provincetown-Boston Airlines 1039 EMB-110P1 Embraer Bandeirante N96PB Ashby, Thomas M. Fernandez, Louis R.
850121 NV Galaxy Airlines 203 L-188C Lockheed Electra N5532 Heasley, Allen D. Fieldsa, Charles
850219 CA China Airlines _ 747-SP Boeing N4522V Ho, Min-Yuan Chang, Ju-Yu
850802 TX Delta Airlines 191 L-1011-385-1 Lockheed N726DA Connors, Edward N. Price, Rudolph P.
850825 ME Bar Harbor Airlines 1808 BE-99 Airliner Beech N300WP Fraunhoger, Roy W. Owen, David C.
850906 WI Midwest Express Airlines 105 DC-9-14 McDonnell-Douglas N100ME Martin, Danny W. Weiss, William R.
850923 VA Henson Airlines 1517 B-99 Airliner Beech N339HA Burns, Martin E. Spadaro-Wolan, Zilda A.
851110 NJ Air Pegasus Corp _ PA-28-181 Piper Archer N1977H Moss, Marlon J. _
851110 NJ Nabisco Brands, Inc _ Falcon DA50 Dassault N784B Miller, Gregory L. Stitt, Alan K.
851231 TX Century Equipment Co. _ DC-3 Douglas N711Y _ _
860313 MI Simmons Airlines (Republic Express) 1746 EMB-110P1 Embraer Bandeirante N1356P Wiggins, Robert D. Frank, Steven A.
860618 AZ Grand Canyon Airlines _ DHC-6 Twin Otter De Havilland N76GC not given not given
860618 AZ Helitech _ 206B Jet Ranger Bell N6TC not given not given
860803 CA Joe Foster Excavating _ 206B Bell N49606 O'Brien, Joseph A. _
860831 CA _ _ PA-28-181 Piper N4891F Kramer, William K. _
860831 CA Aeronaves De Mexico (Aeromexico) 498 DC-9-32 McDonnell-Douglas XA-JED Valdez-Prom, Antonio Valencia, Jose H.
861004 TX Southern Air Transport Logair 15 L-382G (commercial stretch version of C-130) Lockheed N15ST Sammet, Peter H. DeCenzo, Phillip A.
861026 NC Piedmont Airlines 467 737-222 Boeing N752N Givens, Richard H. Horwich, Joel K.
861106 FL _ _ PA-23-150 Piper Apache N2185P Bain, William S. _
861106 FL Pan Am 301 727-235 Boeing N4743 Lunsford, Edwin C. Thornton, Robert D.
870115 UT _ _ M20 Mooney N6485U Lietz, Paul Baker, Chester A.
870115 UT SkyWest Airlines 1834 SA-226TC Fairchild-Swearingen Metro II N163SW Gambrill, Michael D. Ray, Walter F.
870120 MO US Army _ U-21A Beech 67-18061 Baird, Carroll L. Johnston, Michael G.
870120 MO Sachs Electric Co. _ PA-31-350 Piper N60SE Walls, Alan E _
870304 MI Northwest Airlink (Fischer Brothers Aviation) 2268 C-212-CC CASA N160FB Sherer, David W. Manningham, Shawn D.
870313 WA USAF _ KC-135A Boeing _ _ _
870331 CA Alameda Aero Club _ 172N Cessna N75584 Snyder, Anastasia M. Lindsey, Scott E.
870331 CA North Star Aviation _ PA-32RT300 Piper Lance N39614 Bolesky, James D. _
870501 FL Rosie O'Grady's of Orlando, Inc _ SNJ-4N North American N711SQ Favrean, Robert P. _
870501 FL Midwest Packaging Materials Co. _ 340A Cessna N8716K LeFils, Bernard W. _
870508 Puerto Rico Executive Air Charter (American Eagle) 5452 C-212-CC CASA N432CA Velez, Franklin R. Cordero, Reynold E.S.
870526 LA Continental Express (Air New Orleans) 962 3101 British Aerospace (Jetstream 31) N331CY Horil, Edward P. Bradshaw, Robert S.
870816 MI Northwest Airlines 255 DC-9-82 McDonnell-Douglas N312RC Maus, John R. Dodds, David J.
871115 CO Continental Airlines 1713 DC-9-14 McDonnell-Douglas N626TX Zvonek, Frank B. Bruecher, Lee E.
871123 AK Ryan Air Service 103 1900C Beech N401RA Deliman, Robert J. Stoltzfus, Gareth L.
880119 CO Trans-Colorado Airlines 2286 SA227 AC Fairchild Metro III N68TC Silver, Stephen S. Harvey, Ralph D.
880219 NC AVAir (Air Virginia) 3378 Metro III SA227 AC Fairchild N622AV Cole, Walter R. Diaan, Kathleen P.
880415 WA Horizon Air 2658 DHC-8-102 De Havilland N819PH Carlson, Carl E. Hilstad, Mark R.
880428 HI Aloha Airlines 243 737-200 Boeing N73711 Schornstheimer, Robert L. Tompkins, Madeline L.
880831 TX Delta Airlines 1141 727-232 Boeing N473DA Davis, Larry L. Kirkland, Carey W.
890224 HI United Airlines 811 747-122 Boeing N4713U Cronin, David Slader, Gregory
890318 TX Evergreen International Airlines _ DC-9-33F McDonnell-Douglas N931F McCall, Gerald J. Johnston, Thomas B.
890719 IA United Airlines 232 DC-10-10 McDonnell-Douglas N-1819U Haynes, Alfred C. Records ,William R.
890908 MO USAir 105 737-200 Boeing N283AU Neely, George J. Dean, Michael J.
890920 NY USAir 5050 737-400 Boeing N416US Martin, Michael Kleissas, Constantine
890927 AZ Grand Canyon Airlines _ DHC-6-300 Twin Otter De Havilland N75GC Welch, William H. Crosson, Keith K.
891028 HI Aloha Islandair 1712 DHC-6-300 De Havilland Twin Otter N707PV Pollard, Bruce A. Helfrich, Phillip E.
891226 WA United Express (NPA) 2415 BA-3101-12 Jetstream British Aerospace N41OUE (or N410UE) Roberts, Barry W. McInroe, Douglas K.
900118 GA Epps Air Service _ King Air A100 Beechcraft N44UE Thomas, Eric K. Olthoff, Daniel J.
900118 GA Eastern Airlines 111 727-225A Boeing N8867E Orlando, Ralph A. Runyan, Michael D.
900125 NY Avianca Airlines 52 727-321B Boeing HK 2016 not given not given
900602 AK Markair 3087 737-2X6C Boeing N670MA Smith, Glenn R. Fell, Robert J.
901125 CO _ _ _ _ _ _ _
901203 MI Northwest Airlines 1482 DC-9-14 McDonnell-Douglas N3313L not given not given
901203 MI Northwest Airlines 299 727-251-2A Boeing N278US not given not given
910201 CA SkyWest Airlines 5569 SA-227-AC Metroliner Fairchild N683AV Lucas, Andrew J. Prentice, Frank C.
910201 CA USAir 1493 737-300 Boeing N388US Shaw, Colin F. Kelly, David T.
910217 OH Ryan International Airlines 590 DC-9-15 McDonnell-Douglas N565PC not given not given
910303 CO United Airlines 585 737-291 Boeing N999UA Green, Harold L. Eidson, Patricia K.
910405 GA Atlantic Southeast Airlines 2311 EMB-120 Embraer N270AS not given not given
910710 AL L'Express Airlines 508 C99 Beech N7217L not given not given
910911 TX Continental Express (Britt Airways) 2574 EMB-120RT Embraer N33701 Patridge, Bradley M. Rodosovich, Clinton M.
920215 OH Air Transport International 805 DC-8-63 Douglas N794AL not given not given
920322 NY USAir 405 F-28-4000 Fokker N485US not given not given
920422 HI Scenic Air Tours (Tomy International) 22 E18S Beech N342E Jones, Brett W. _
920608 AL GP Express Airlines 861 C99 Beechcraft N118GP not given not given
920730 NY TWA 843 L-1011-385-1 Lockheed N11002 Kinkead, William S. Hergert, Dennis W.
920911 IN _ _ PA-32-301 Saratoga Piper N82419 Bennett, William P. _
920911 IN _ _ MU-28-60 Mitsubishi N74FB Mullen, William R. _
921207 Japan China Airlines _ MD-11 McDonnell-Douglas B-150 Chu, Chien Song, King Kang
930331 AL Japan Air Lines (leased to Evergreen) _ 747-121 Boeing N473EV not given not given
930406 AK China Eastern Airlines 583 MD-11 McDonnell-Douglas B-2171 not given not given
930414 TX American Airlines 102 DC-10-30 McDonnell-Douglas N139AA not given not given
930419 IA State of South Dakota _ MU-2B-60 Mitsubishi N86SD not given not given
930818 Cuba American International Airways/Connie Kalitta Services 808 DC-8-61 Douglas N814CK not given not given
931026 VA FAA _ Super King Air 300/F Beech N82 not given not given
931201 MN Express Airlines/Northwest Airlink 5719 BA-3100 Jetstream British Aerospace (Jetstream) N334PX not given not given
940107 OH United Express 6291 4101 (J-4101) Jetstream N304UE not given not given
940201 LA Simmons Airlines (American Eagel) 3641 340B Saab N349SB not given not given
940302 NY Continental Airlines 795 MD-82 McDonnell-Douglas N18835 not given not given
940427 CT Action Air Charters 990 PA-31-350 Navajo Cheiftan Piper N990RA not given not given
940618 VA Transportes Aereos Ejecutivos (TAESA) _ 25D Learjet XA-BBA not given not given
940702 NC USAir 1016 DC-9-31 Douglas N954VJ not given not given
940908 PA USAir 427 737-300 Boeing N513AU not given not given
941031 IN Simmons Airlines/American Eagle 4184 Model 72-212 Avions de Transport Regional (ATR) N401AM not given not given
941122 MO TWA 427 DC-9-82 (MD-82) McDonnell-Douglas N954U not given not given
941122 MO Superior Aviation _ 441 Cessna N441KM not given _
941213 NC Flagship Airlines/American Eagle 3379 3201 (J-3201) (British Aerospace) Jetstream N918AE not given not given
941214 CA Phoenix Air _ 35A Learjet N521PA Sexton, Brad, Captain Anderson, Richard, Captain
950216 MO Air Transport International _ DC-8-63 Douglas N782AL not given not given
950608 GA Valujet Airlines 597 DC-9-32 Douglas N908VJ not given not given
950821 GA Atlantic Southeast Airlines 529 EMB-120RT "Brasilia" Embraer N256AS not given not given
951112 CT American Airlines 1572 MD-83 McDonnell-Douglas N566AA not given not given
951220 NY Tower Air 41 747-136 Boeing N605FF not given not given
960107 TN Valujet Airlines 558 DC-9-32 Douglas N922VV not given not given
960219 TX Continental Airlines 1943 DC-9-32 Douglas N10556 not given not given
960411 WY _ _ 177B Cessna N35207 not given not given
960511 FL Valujet Airlines 592 DC-9-32 Douglas N904VJ not given not given
960706 FL Delta Airlines 1288 MD-88 McDonnell-Douglas N927DA not given not given
960717 NY TWA 800 747-131 Boeing N93119 not given not given
960905 NY Federal Express 1406 DC-10-10 (DC-10-10CF) Douglas N68055 not given not given
961019 NY Delta Airlines 554 MD-88 McDonnell-Douglas N914DL not given not given
961119 IL United Express 5925 1900C Beechcraft N87GL not given not given
961119 IL _ _ King Air A90 Beechcraft N1127D not given _
961222 VA Airborne Express (ABX Air) _ DC-8-63 Douglas N827AX not given not given
970109 MI Comair 3272 EMB-120 Embraer _ not given not given
970731 NJ Federal Express 14 MD-11 McDonnell-Douglas N611FE not given not given
970806 Guam Korean Air 801 747-300 Boeing HL7468 not given not given
970807 FL Fine Airlines 101 DC-8-61 Douglas N27UA not given not given
990601 AR American Airlines 1420 MD-82 McDonnell-Douglas N215AA not given not given
991031 MA EgyptAir 990 767-366ER Boeing SU-GAP not given not given