U.S. Civil Aircrew Name List - W

This scrollable table (as required) displays names listed in U.S. Civil accident reports for pilot and co-pilot positions. You might also find additional information by searching on last name on our Civil Accident Reports Database Search page. To learn how to order a report visit our Order Information page.

Aircrew Member Name
Wade, Malcolm S.
Waggoner, Kenneth L.
Wagner, Julius A.
Wagner, Thomas M.
Waide, John A.
Walchli, David C.
Waldron, Charles K.
Walker, Don E.
Walker, Glenn E.
Walker, James A.
Walker, John
Walker, Mark A.
Wall, James J.A.
Wallace, Malcolm
Walls, Alan E
Walls, James R.
Walsh, Robert M.
Walter, John A., 1Lt
Walters, Paul C.
Ward, Duane M.
Warde, Michael B.
Wardzinski, Eugene L.
Warhanik, Bruce A.
Warner, George, Jr.
Warner, Norman J.
Warren, Charles C.
Warren, Kyle A.
Warren, Robert R.
Warren, William F.
Watson, Donald A.
Watson, Maurice G.
Watson, Maurice G.
Watters, Delmas E.
Watts, James O.
Wayne, Don V.
Webb, Vernis H.
Webb, Walton B.
Weber, Herman A.
Weber, Richard J.
Webster, William R.
Wedell, Walter W.
Weeks, Robert Eugene
Weier, Donald
Weier, Donald J.
Weihs, Louis J.
Weinberger, David N.
Weininger, John A.
Weiss, William R.
Weitbreght, George D.
Weitz, C.A.
Welch, Lawrence
Welch, Whitney H.
Welch, William H.
Wellers, John A., Captain
Welling, Dale R.
Wells, John P., Lt.
Wells, Rex L.
Wenger, Donald R.
Wenzel, Laurence W.
Wesolek, Chester S.
West, Frederick W.
West, LeRoy A.
Westall, Stafford D.
Westerfield, Roy W., Captain
Westerfield, William R.
Wetherald, William P.
Wheaton, Larry M.
White, Bronson
White, Charles J.
White, Donald A.
White, Richard N.
White, Roy G.
Whitehouse, Wendell W.
Whitezell, Roger M.
Whithed, Houghton H.
Whitman, Paul F.
Whitney or Hitney, Albert L.
Whitney, Joseph W.
Whitney, Peter
Whittaker, Sherrel P.
Whittam, Donald
Whitting, Richard F.
Wielt, Bud Edward
Wiggin, Rodney F.
Wiggins, Robert D.
Wightman, Henry B.
Wilde, William B.
Wilkinson, James
Wilkinson, Van
Will, Robert L
Willard, John A.
Wille, Neiland B.
Williams, Byron R.
Williams, Charles
Williams, Irving A.
Williams, James L.
Williams, Leland F.
Williams, Lester, LtCol
Williams, Marion K.
Williams, Michael D.
Williams, Robert G.
Williams, Wayne C.
Williams, Wayne C.
Williams, William D.
Williams, William E.
Williams, William H.
Willingham, R.V.
Willliams, William F.
Wilna (or Wilno), A. D.
Wilson, Douglas
Wilson, Howard
Wilson, Joseph H.
Wilson, Laurance G.
Wilson, Richard A.
Wilson, Robert T.
Wilson, Willian N., Lt
Wimp, Robert L.
Wingo, Dorcey A.
Winkler, Francis
Winnie, Florence
Winthrop, John C.
Wish, Robert J.
Woerderhoff, Jack L.
Wolf, David M.
Wolfe, Harold F.
Wolfe, Verne F.
Wollam, David A.
Wonsey, Ray D.
Wood, Deryl L.
Wood, Erwin W.
Wood, Jack W.
Wood, M.C.
Wood, Virgil K.
Woodgerd, Earl D.
Woodward, Harley E.
Woodward, Thomas A.
Woodworth, Marshall B.
Woolweaver, G.H.
Woosley, Lowrey C.
Word, William L.
Workhaven, Arthur A.
Worle, Fred J.
Worley, John B.
Worthington, Hugh C.
Wrasse, Herman B.
Wright, Arthur E.
Wright, George O.
Wright, Ralph H.
Wright, Russell J.
Wright, Russell J.
Wright, Victor A.
Wygant, William P.