U.S. Civil Aircrew Name List - F

This scrollable table (as required) displays names listed in U.S. Civil accident reports for pilot and co-pilot positions. You might also find additional information by searching on last name on our Civil Accident Reports Database Search page. To learn how to order a report visit our Order Information page.

Aircrew Member Name
Faggiani, Giacomo
Falkenberg-Nielsen, Erik
Faries (or Farles), Charles L.
Farish, Jefferson D.
Farnsworth, Herbert G.
Farris, James E.
Faulkner, David K.
Favrean, Robert P.
F'eeney, James J.
Feldman, Jake
Feldmiller, Robert A.
Felig, Phillip E.
Fell, Robert J.
Feller, Robert J.
Fender, John R.
Ferdyn, Joseph E.
Ferguson, Otto
Fernandez, Louis R.
Fey, Howard M.
Fidroeff, Wayne Martin
Fiebing, Robert W.
Fielding, Herbert G.
Fieldsa, Charles
Figarra, John D.
Filangeri, Hugo D.
Finger, George W.
Finger, Jack R.
Finholt, Theodore M.
Finney, Joseph T.
Fiori, Rocco
Fiori, Rocco
Fisher, Barbara R.
Fisher, Thomas T.
Fitch, R. J.
Fitts, Curtis W.
Fitzgerald, Glenn B.
Fitzpatrick, Henry R.
Fitzpatrick, Morton H.
Flahaven, Michael J.
Flanagan, John F.
Flanders, Jeffrey H.
Flanigan, Joseph J.
Flewitt, John D.
Fly, George L.
Foley, Jerold
Foley, Jerold W.
Foley, Robert E.
Folk, James L.
Folwell, Roger
Foote, Jack R.
Foppe, Raymond B.
Ford, James L.
Fornasero, James B.
Foster, John F.
Foster, Laurence A.
Foster, W.G.
Fowler, Raymond B.
Fowler, Richard L., Commander
Fox, Donald W.
Fox, George B.
Fox, Marvin O.
Fox, Robert E.
Fox, Robert J.
Fox, William C.
Foxworth, Cecil C.
Fracker, F. Charles
France, Sylvester
Francis, Dale B.
Frank, Steven A.
Franklin, John E.
Franklin, Toy W.
Fraunhoger, Roy W.
Freeborn, Charles Baird
Freedman, Harry
French, Dwight
Frerichs, Ronald J.D.
Fretwell, Ralph A.
Fry, Daniel J.
Fry, Maurice C.
Furse, Robert E.