Example of a USAF unedited report

This is an example of an edited report AAIR received from the US Air Force a number of years ago compared to the same report printed out from AAIR's microfilm.

Edited Report from the Air Force
Not bad, just a negative rather than a positive
Unedited Report from AAIR
Much easier to read
Edited Report from the Air Force
is heavily redacted
Unedited Report from AAIR
contains much more information

The two pages above are what would be considered the Cover Page and Synopsis Page.

The pages below were left out by the Air Force from AAIR's original request. Information such as witness statements and coordinates were left out, all of which helps tell the story and are important in locating the site.

Wittness Statement
Control Tower Statement
Engineering Officer Statement
Crash Certificate
Operations Order
Aircraft Clearance
Report Cover Letter
Telegram 1
Telegram 2
Accident Brief pg1
Accident Brief pg2

While the photos below are not all that great they at least show that the B-24 hit near the top of a ridge spreading debris over the top and back down the other side.

Picture of the crash site today

 Download a sample PDF file of the report (file size: 94 Mb)

This PDF file is exactly what you would have been sent if you were to order this report as a PDF file from us. It is a good example of the quality of reports in PDF format. This file is almost 100MB so it could take a while to download depending on your connection.